Wonderfruit Festival’s First Line-Up Wave Bursts With Electronic Sounds

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Written by Jacqueline Khoury (www.flickr.com/photos/jaxphotog) for Electronica Life 


After last year’s well-reviewed inauguration, the now globally recognized 4-day “Celebration of the Arts,” Wonderfruit Festival is coming back for a second year this December 18th-20th, in Pattaya, Thailand. Festival-goers from around the world have heard of this one-year old festival, and it has already been named  “Asia’s best new festival,” ranking it with the top in its class. Wonderfruit is here to stay and this is great news for expats like me, who need our festival fix. Scratch & Secret Productions, the group behind Wilderness Festival in the UK, wanted to bring this interconnected community vibe to Thailand. With strong influences stemming from the Burning Man community in Nevada, USA, the guided principles of “Leave No Trace Behind” and “Radical Self-Expression” are felt at its core. This year the festival is going a step further and is working on an art car or “mutant vehiclethat will be themed with collaborative influences from the community. 

Currently, the festival has only posted the first wave of musicians, but for electronic lovers, the list is already packed with talent from around the world. The Faint (U.S.), German producer Dapayk Solo, The Iy_Project (U.K.), Mikail (Philippines), Howie B (U.K.), and Polycat (Thailand), are just some of the electronic groups that have already been listed, giving this year’s vibe a deep house, and minimalistic techno touch. I am already anticipating some very magical sunrise sets at the interactive Solar Stage, designed by the legendary studio Vita Motus.

Just as the top festivals in the world do, Wonderfruit offers more than just music; it’s a transformational community centered on art, self-expression, sustainability and personal growth. Connecting with the community and focusing on self-discovery and inner-awakening are at the core of these festivals, and every aspect is a learning experience. I cannot wait to dance the night away with an amazing community that stretches across the globe.

 Tickets & more info: http://wonderfruitfestival.com

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