White Wonderland Ticket Giveaway for NYE 2013!

White Wonderland Contest Now Open - Enter Now To Win!

White Wonderland Ticket Giveaway for NYE 2013!

***NOTICE*** if you are already entered into the contest, don’t forget to go confirm your entry by checking your email inbox or spam! Very important! Don’t forget to share your special link for additional entries!

*from the desk of Christian Alva, creator and founder of Electronica Life

Dear Electronica Life friend,

Quick question: Would you like to win an EDC 2013 3 Day Pass in addition to the White Wonderland Pass? If so, continue reading or watch the video below…

Electronica Life is at 8700 Facebook friends and 8300 twitter friends = 17,000 friends + 3000 newsletter subscribers

Collectively thats 20,000 friends…

Our goal just on FB alone is to go from 8700 friends to 16,000 by the end of December 2012.

That’s 7,300 friends in less than 4 weeks. Our goal of 16,000 friends can be met with the help of you and we’re going to help you help us…

If just half of our FB and Twitter friends alone got a new friend to become one of our FB friends, we would accomplish our goal really quickly. We need all of you guys who are our friends to share Electronica Life with your existing friends and also one new friend that’s not a friend of Electronica Life already. For doing so, we are going to reward you…

You might be asking yourself… “Why do they want to get to 16k friends?” – It’s quite simple actually. We are gearing up to release something to the EDM community that hasn’t been done yet, something that’s going to help spread the positivity of the EDM community around. And yes, you will be a part of it… you will be the ones helping in this endeavor to shape the course of EDM in a positive way. The future of PLUR will be in your hands… Will you help? These 16k friends will be the base for us to take this project to the next level and we need your help. Only you can make this work… and we want to reward you.

If we hit our 16k friend mark by the end of December, we are going to up the stakes for our White Wonderland giveaway and give a lucky winner a 3 Day Pass to EDC 2013. So essentially, we’ll have one winner for White Wonderland and then we’ll pick another person to win the EDC 3 Day pass for EDC 2013. So you have a double chance of winning a prize.

Now, we have made some super simple instructions on how to help do this so that we for sure make this 16k mark by the end of December. Oh and by the way… if we hit 20k friends on Facebook, we’re going to do something even more special than a White Wonderland ticket and an EDC 3 Day pass… but you’ll have to wait and see what that is once we get there ;]

Ways to spread the word about Electronica Life so we can get 16k fans by the end of December

1 – Now, first and foremost, you can help us spread the word about Electronica Life by entering this White Wonderland contest. Once you’ve entered, you’ll be given the option to share a special, unique to you link, on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, email or wherever you like, that will get you extra entries into the contest. The more entries you have, the better chance you have of winning the prizes. In order to get extra entries though, another person has to actually enter the contest through your link. You do not get extra entries for just merely posting it everywhere. This is why it’s important to be the first person in the contest and then share your link on all the social media sites. Remember to share your special link a couple times per week (or as much as you like) on all your social media platforms (even email, youtube, rave forums, etc). *just added – the person with the most entries into the contest, regardless of winning any prize will win a $10 iTunes card. 

2 – On the top and bottom of this page are sharing features for FB, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, Blogger, Squiddo and more… for every one of these accounts you have, click the share feature and share it on that community. The more you share, the better chance we have of making 16k fans by the end of December, which will unlock the EDC prize for one of you…

3 – Go to our Facebook page and on the top right hand side underneath our cover photo is a little “gear” symbol. Click on that and then click “Share…” – Once the new screen pops up, write a little something in the box like, “Electronica Life is giving away tickets to White Wonderland for NYE, be sure to check out their page for more info…”

4 – Grab this url: https://www.facebook.com/electronicalife and paste in your FB wall status and say something like, “Electronica Life is giving away tickets to White Wonderland for NYE, be sure to check out their page for more info…”

5 – You might have also came here by way of seeing a post on FB from our FB page. So what you can do with this is: share, tag, “like” and comment on the post. The more you do this, the more exposure the post gets which in turn means more people will see our Facebook page. There will be a new “pinned” post every week on our FB page that you will be able to do this on, so revisit our Facebook page and share, tag, “like” and comment on the post every week.

6 – We will also be doing other contest from now until the end of the year for other events, so make sure you enter them and share them with your friends to increase exposure for us to get to 16k.

7 – And don’t forget that your special link that you got from our contest can be used over and over again to help spread the word… so make sure you copy that link and put it in a safe place so you can re post it a couple times a week on FB, twitter and your other profiles.

8 – “What if I don’t have any ‘rave’ friends or new people to introduce Electronica Life to?” – good question! – The answer is simple though… simply go to an EDM Facebook fan page such as the White Wonderland or EDC page and add some new friends from there. You can easily add one new friend and introduce them to Electronica Life in one day. Heck, you could add a couple a week!

9 – Repeat all of these steps a couple times a week. All we need is for half of our Facebook & Twitter following to just get 1 new person over the course of the rest of this month and we’ll hit 16k no problem! Just 1 person… that’s it! We really wanna give you guys an EDC 3 Day Pass, please help us!

But here’s the thing…

We know that a lot of people seeing this won’t do anything… they won’t help at all. They just simply want to enter the contest to win a free ticket… which is understandable. We know that even though it’s just ONE PERSON they have to get to become our friend on Facebook, that they still won’t do it because they’re, “too busy” or because life gets in the way. It’s just the way it is, and we totally understand that.

So here’s the deal…

We’re going to slash the 16k requirement to 12k to giveaway the EDC pass. That means that if only half of JUST our FB friends alone get JUST ONE PERSON that we’ll hit the 12k mark! That doesn’t even include any help from our twitter friends or newsletter subscribers which is another 11,000 people.

So do you think we can do it? Do you think we can get 12k fans by the end of December with the help of over 20,000 already established Electronica Life friends? And to make things even better, instead of 20k to release an even bigger prize… if we do hit 16k friends on FB, then we’re going to release something else VERY special… but again, you’ll have to wait to see what that is, when the time comes. The only thing we can say is that if we’re giving away a ticket to White Wonderland and a 3 Day Pass to EDC… what else can we possibly do? Believe us… it’ll be EVEN BIGGER! Help us get 16k friends on FB and we promise you something BIG ;]

On top of all of that… we’ll be helping get friends too, so you guys won’t be alone. We really need everyone to come together for this because it will really show what real UNITY is, in our EDM community.

Remember, this is to help us grow our friend base to bring you guys something new so that we can bring even more positivity into the EDM community. We need your help!

If you want to join the mission and help spread the word, get started by entering our contest below and then return to this page to go through the steps of sharing Electronica Life with all of your existing friends and at least one new one that hasn’t been exposed yet. In fact, go the extra mile and expose 5 new people, that will surely help us get to 12k even faster!

Thank you and I look forward to taking this journey with all of you!


—————————————————————-END MESSAGE—————————————————————-

Welcome to our White Wonderland 2013 Ticket Giveaway…

White Wonderland Contest Now Open - Enter Now To Win!

White Wonderland Contest Now Open - Enter Now To Win! http://electronicalife.com/white-wonderland-ticket-giveaway-for-nye-2013

You can buy tickets or get more info here

Watch this video for instructions or read below:

We are giving away (1) ticket to White Wonderland NYE 2013! Step 1 – Press the Connect using Facebook button and allow the app to be taken to contest entry page. Once there, simply enter your email to be entered into the contest and onto our newsletter list. Thereafter, you will be given the opportunity to get more entries by inviting people to the contest. People that enter the contest through your link will give YOU more entries with a better chance of winning. Whoever takes action first, will get their link out there on the internet for everybody to see. You can post this link wherever you want as it’s special to you. Do you like facebook a lot? Post it on facebook! Do you tweet more than you use fb? Tweet your link! How about our tumblr peeps?! Tumble that son-of-a-bitch! Use your link wisely and do not spam the social communities! You’ll get more people to enter through your link with the more engagement you have with them! Think outside of the box with this one on how to use your link! Here… we’ll give you some pointers, and remember, the more places your link is, the more likely it will be found and the more likely people will enter through your link!

Things to remember – People are searching for White Wonderland 2013 Giveaway on the internet, use this to your advantage and give them a place to find something!

Pointer #1 Go make a youtube video and title it: White Wonderland 2013 Ticket Giveaway. Make sure you put your link in the description and annotations so people can enter through your link! Don’t forget to tag the video as well with “White Wonderland 2013”.

Pointer #2 Go make a tumblr, blogger, wordpress, twitter, or facebook account and share the link there.

Pointer #3 Go find rave forums like PlurLife or RaveLinks, join them and start talking to people and share the link there.

Pointer #4 There are tons of places you can be on to share your link, think outside the box and good things will come to you… Good luck!

White Wonderland NYE 2013 Ticket Contest Enter Below

Press the Connect using Facebook button below to enter into the other White Wonderland 2103 ticket giveaway. You must allow the app to be taken to the next entry page. If you wish to not enter the contest you can always get tickets here.