What is the Electronica Life?

“Music is beautiful, it explains some things we never can say with words…”
– a poet unknown

What you can expect to see here are things like Electronic Dance Music (EDM) videos, interviews, party PREviews, party REviews, new album/track reviews, podcasts, new up and coming artists, dj mixes, pictures, cool giveaways and contests, and much, much more.

Our concept behind Electronica Life is simple. We want to share all things EDM. We want to educate and build a community that is respectful, that will share the beauty of music with others. We want to help other artist grow into who they are so that they can share their musical gift with the world. Plain and simple, we just want to help. The hard part is sharing the message… that’s where we need your help. Can you help us?

We need you to make this work.

You might be saying, “Well what do I have to do? I don’t have much time… and I haven’t any money”

Well you’re already reading this and that’s half of it. All we would like from you is to continue reading our Electronica Life Newsletter and anytime something intriguing moves you… just share it with your friends on facebook, twitter, your blog or using the share buttons below. Sharing is caring and that’s the other half of it.

Just read and share.

If you help us, we’ll reward you… promise.

We’re starting a revolution where we’re giving before taking and helping before asking for something.

If you want us to help you, please send an email to: info.electronicalife@gmail.com

– The Electronica Life Team

P.S. We often give back in the way of tickets to events, music gift cards or randoms acts of kindness ;] So please help and share… we’ll (& you’ll) be glad you did. Make sure to connect with us here on facebook & twitter. You can also contact us there if need be ;]