United In Trap We Bounce – Catching up w/ Julian Benasis at Republic New Orleans

*written by A’Damaged Pro

The electro/hip-hop fusion, known more commonly as “Trap,” has emerged from the shadows of the underground and is making its presence known across the country. New Orleans, affectionately known as (Nola), was ground zero on August 29th, 2013.

On August 29, 2013, Republic New Orleans became an unofficial “cross-country Trap Mecca.” Allow me to explain. SoCal, Chi-Town, and Nola under one roof. Kennedy Jones was repping Cali. Julian Benasis brought Chicago’s presence. Klutch, KayatiK, and Ritual (DXXY and MODVS) all showed Nola love. Each artist came with a different style but the common theme was they all came to sling some serious music.

I follow simple instructions pretty well, most of the time. I was told to “Open the door and let the BASS do its thing.” Sounded simple enough to mind. A sea of smiles reinforced that the only reason for attendance was an appreciation for the music. “United In Trap We Bounce”, springs a motto from a scene that is no lounger shrouded in the cloak of the underground.

I had a chance to catch up with Julian after his set to get his take on the crowd, his style, and where this scene is headed…

A’Damaged Pro: How would you describe the energy out there?

Julian Benasis: It was epic.  That’s the best way I can describe it.  It was just nuts seeing people vibing to the music.

A’Damaged Pro: If you had to describe your style with just (5) words, how would you label yourself?

Julian Benasis: Hard, Bass-y, Crazy, Turnt, In-Your-Face (one word)

A’Damaged Pro: You have to evolve to stay with the times. Are there any artists that are just as hungry as you?

Julian Benasis: Captsis, Phat Cap (from Canada), and Troy Kete. He’s from New Zealand. When sh*t starts to pop off, me and him are going on tour.

A’Damaged Pro: So you’re telling me this kiwi can dice?

Julian Benasis: YES!!!! That’s exactly what I’m saying.

A’Damaged Pro: Any shoutouts for local artists you’re aware of?

Julian Benasis: Michael Medina and Beatwalker are both awesome…

(We were interrupted for shots. Welcome to New Orleans!!!)

A’Damaged Pro: Have you noticed any similarities or differences between the Chicago scene and here, focusing primarily on the music and the attitudes?

Julian Benasis: Similarities: in Chicago people just go nuts…and in New Or-leans (had to catch him on the “Or-leans” pronunciation) people just vibe to the music.

A’Damaged Pro: That, my friend, is just part of how we are…

This night was indicative of a change many of us were aware has been a long time coming. When styles have begun fusing seamlessly and genre distinctions have been blurred, an inevitable evolution has taken place. Merging electronic and hip-hop elements was bound to happen, but the reaction, both local and national, to “Trap” has been much greater than previously anticipated. With this growing fascination shaping the scene, I safely speculate that Trap music will function as a springboard, helping elevate and solidify New Orleans’ role in a global EDM world.