Zero Point Festival – Las Vegas, NV

Friday -
- September 28, 2014
Delphi Amphitheater
Zero Point Festival - Las Vegas, NV

The inaugural Zero Point Gathering on September 26-28 will feature the musical ingenuity of Mark Farina, Andreilien, AnTenNae, and Desert Dwellers. This three day celebration of music, art, and spiritual stimulation will also showcase the sounds of Michael Scalar, Brett Rubin, Mario Maroto, and many more.

Set within the majestic oasis of the Delphi amphitheater just 45 min south of the Las Vegas strip, Zero Point aims to transform perceptions by evoking the consciousness that resides within all. Delphi is soon to become a first of its kind festival grounds in the United States, boasting a perpetually evolving landscape of art and creativity, complete with a permanent amphitheater and RV park.

The natural energy of the venue will be enhanced further through the technological innovation provided by EESystem. The Energy Enhancement System emits energy fields that have been proven to enhance cellular regeneration, improve immune systems and energy levels, as well as promote healing and much more.

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