Gareth Emery in New Orleans

Friday -
11:55 pm
Republic New Orleans
Gareth Emery in New Orleans

One of the U.K.’s finest is bringing his unique style to New Orleans on October 17th. After wrapping up the European leg of the “Drive” tour with resounding success, the North American leg is about to be underway and Republic New Orleans is ready for a treat. BASSIK and Winter Circle Productions are hosting a special late show, designed for a gentleman who boasts numerous awards and accolades to his name, knowing full well that his genre-fusing approach to EDM is going to have the crowd partying into the morning. Whether it’s a massive festival or an intimate venue, Gareth is prepared to deliver the goods and I’m certain Nola will be left in awe and wanting more. This is the last “Drive” tour ever so it’s time to take your place in history and join the madness.10588598_785912794772461_1774214066_nLineup: Gareth Emery with support TBA

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