DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist “Renegades of Rhythm” Tour

Monday -
- October 9th, 2014
Multiple Locations (See Below)
DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist “Renegades of Rhythm” Nationwide Tour

Backlash Management is putting turntable legend DJ Shadow and the multi-talented Cut Chemist at the helm and bringing a one-of-a-kind experience to a city near you. This isn’t the first time these guys artists have worked together but it will definitely be one for the books. This isn’t just a tribute tour. This isn’t just a salute to the influences and stylings of Afrika Bambaataa, who helped shape the hip-hop landscape in the U.S. This tour is a personally curated journey through Afrika Bambaataa’s personal vinyl collection, courtesy of the Cornell University Hip-Hop Archive. The tour’s goal is to actively present the legacy of one of the most influential personas in the music community, exploring him as an artist, a collector, and an advocate for peace and social change. We’re talking about real-time effects and six turntables designed to “blow your funky mind.” This is live mixing, live visuals, and a passion for the art of turntablism that you won’t find anywhere else, at least not with this much soul and funk. A deep-rooted historical significance and mind-blowing jams, at the same time, are a combo that true enthusiasts won’t pass up.

Tour Information

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