There’s No Ducking For Cover In A Panty War – An Interview w/ PANTyRAiD

*written by A’Damaged Pro for Electronica Life

Dance music is changing. Styles are evolving. The complexity and the spectrum are growing. How do you keep up with emerging trends and still stay true to the music in your heart? Ask MartyParty and Ooah of the power-duo, PANTyRAID.

They merge countless genres to find their perfect sound, and as long as you’re dancing they feel like they’re doing their job. You don’t know quite what to call it but you know you like it. Ooah and MartyParty, of PANTyRAiD, discuss: their style, their creative flow, and what they’d do in a life without music.

A’Damaged Pro – Without limiting yourselves, how would you describe your music, genre – specifically?

PANTyRAiD – We just always wanted to hear hip hop done with an “EDM” sensibility. Way before trap was a genre, we were inspired by hip hop producers such as Timbaland and the guys making early “club hip hop” tunes. We just wanted to make those type of tunes but with heavy sub bass and trippy lead melodies since neither of us could actually rap. Nowadays, with trap being one of the most popular genres, our music has rolled right along with it because we started off by making synthetic dance music versions of hip hop beats. We always wanted to hear more melodies and more “pretty” elements and  of course mixing it in with the hard and heavy sounds of dnb and dubstep but always coming back to whether it was musical enough or sexy enough.

A’Damaged Pro – There is an evolution of sorts happening right now, a merging of styles (electro and hip-hop)… What creative challenges does this present for artists?

PANTyRAiD – We are going through an interesting time with the internet and digital music now part of everyones life and art – this has made more expression than ever – faster and more diverse, the result is a genre bending era – no longer do artists sit in one genre, but rather explore all genres and styles. There is just so much production and consumption of music. We think artists are either jumping on board, or falling off, more than ever, in a way being forced to adapt, or lose steam. This just means individual tracks will start to have tastes of all genres within them, and all mainstream music will start to use each others technique. It’s a giant cross-over period. Younger producers get it, more stubborn ones dont, and the need for adaptation and growth will become more evident as we progress.

A’Damaged Pro – How do you balance the creative flow when producing music together?

PANTyRAiD – We just share a very similar taste and style in music, so things tend to go very easily. We are blessed to have such pure collaboration synergy. It’s been there since the start and is part of what makes PANTyRAiD special. It’s just a pure team effort, because we know the result is spectacular if we just work together and let it happen. Always remove ego in team work.

A’Damaged Pro – If you could ask one question to any person, dead or alive throughout history, what’s the question and who would you ask?

PANTyRAiD – We would ask Jim Morrison if he wanted to grab a drink somewhere.

A’Damaged Pro – Everybody has their own brand of OCD, I believe. What’s one “tick” that each of you would refer to as “Oh, that’s just Josh” or “that’s just Marty?”

PANTyRAiD – Marty: I use way too many effects and one-shots on the trigger finger when I perform. Insane mixing.

Josh: I’m obsessed with the levels perfection of consistent volume levels while mixing and performing, I want it to sound the best it possibly can, so my OCD would probably be based around that.

A’Damaged Pro – Growing up, was there a food that became your childhood nemesis?

PANTyRAiD – Marty: I cant eat anything white except rice and mayo. But no milk, cream, yogurt… YUCK

Josh: Frozen spinach and eggplant

A’Damaged Pro – What qualities do you look for when trying to bring an up-and-coming artist to the next level?

PANTyRAiD – Be a nice person  So many young artists have some success and it goes straight to their head – they become egomaniacs. This business is about longevity and sustained quality and relevance, quick hits and burning bridges usually ends fast. We love the real people in the industry that are fun to hang out with and talk to and build relationships with. We see each other a lot and its always the good humble people that tend to be there the longest.

A’Damaged Pro – What artistic forms of expression, besides music, do you guys turn to for “therapy?”

PANTyRAiD – We love cars, food, clothes, travel, digital art, and technology. I’d say we both are very expressive chefs, too.

A’Damaged Pro – If for some reason you guys were never allowed to make music again, what could you see yourself doing and being happy?

PANTyRAiD – Running a BBQ restaurant

A’Damaged Pro – Any words of encouragement for those that see you as musical role models?

PANTyRAiD – Always experiment – never try and sound like someone else, find your own sound and your own style.

Be nice to everyone, you never know how your paths may cross.

It’s not a sprint, it’s an endurance test, keep steady, keep the quality high and always be genuine.

There is no competition in art – try to remove your ego and stop trying to beat the game – everyone has different tastes and there are fans for all music. Just be yourself and let it happen. It never works out when you force art.

A’Damaged Pro – In light of recent events, what can be done to educate festival-goers and offer them a safer experience overall?

PANTyRAiD – We have both been raving since we were teenagers and we know how easy it is to overdo drugs. All we can say is “your body is your temple.” Treat it with care and respect, and remember there is no prize for the most high person. If you have to take drugs somewhere as crazy as a show – and really, no one “has to” in order to have an amazing musical experience – take your time to educate yourself. Know your source and always get your favors from a trusted person, especially when we are going through such a sketchy cycle. Test your drugs too- don’t leave it to chance (here’s a great place to get a testing kit + learn more about drug use: We have all been there. Not everyone is the same. Tolerances are unique in each person. Learn your own tolerance and be respectful.

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