The Playhouse In Hollywood, EDM’s Hidden Gem


The Playhouse In Hollywood, EDM’s Hidden Gem

Our recent trips to The Playhouse in Hollywood have proved to be exciting and uplifting…

Nothing to do on a Friday night and looking for an electronic music fix? We once wondered what people did in the Hollywood area for EDM until we experienced The Playhouse. Our first experience was with headliner ATB and upon entering were greeted by friendly staff and security. It’s a sense of relief to enter a club and be treated with respect rather than getting yelled at by security and staff… it makes all more for the experience of what we’re there for: the music.

With it’s lavish decor and location conveniently close to the freeway, there’s no reason for you not to be at The Playhouse for their next event. Finding parking wasn’t hard but on a cold night, you might want to park as close as possible. Getting in was quick and if you have a question for the staff, they are more than happy to politely help. Upon walking in, a sense of awe surrounds as you notice how well the club is set up; one bar right when you step in and another right in front of the stage where you can buy drinks and not miss the show!

ATB DJ Shot at The Playhouse

ATB DJ Shot at The Playhouse Hollywood

Space wise, the club is not too big and not too small, just enough to dance the night away and mingle with fellow club heads. Probably our favorite part of  The Playhouse is their selection of artists – both headlining and not. When we saw ATB, Josh Gallahan got the crowd pumped up right. With drinks in hand and dancing next to strangers who became less and less “strange” as each track continued, we became more and more ready for the main event. As ATB came on, the energy shot up, people were vibn’ and BOOM the CO2 shot out and people went crazy… Everybody was having a good time and through the mist, you could hear whispers of, “Why didn’t we hear about this place before? Now we know where it’s at on a Friday night!”

ATB at the Playhouse Confetti

ATB at the Playhouse Confetti in the crowd!

By the end of the night, our camera was low, our feet were weak from dancing, and all we could hear was “When’s the next one… who’s playing next week?!” If you haven’t had the chance to check out The Playhouse, make sure you get there soon… tons of great events coming up.

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