The New Music Economy Fan Building Secrets

The New Music Economy Fan Building Secrets

Are you an aspiring artist, DJ or producer? Do you know what it takes to make it in this New Music Economy? You might be asking yourself… “Well what is this ‘New Music Economy’?” The New Music Economy is what it takes to make it online as an artist. Would you like to create a community online that supports your newest mix, track or video? How about meeting people online, with places like facebook and having them become not only raving fans… but also supporting friends. Let’s be honest here… when you’re starting from scratch and you are a no-name in the industry, who are the first people to come out to your shows? We can all agree, that it’s friends and family who come to support. With that said, wouldn’t you like to learn the secrets behind the New Music Economy?

With Justin Beiber’s popping up all over youtube now… don’t you think you should be paying attention to what social media has to offer in this New Music Economy? Think about it… if you do a search on youtube for “girl fight”, you’ll find some videos with over 1 million views. Imagine getting your music video in front of one million viewers at the push of a button! Do you know what that could do for you? Ask Justin Bieber, he can tell you…

With that said, as technology increases and the world becomes more dependent on the internet, it is now a requirement that you become familiar with the way things work on all these different social platforms. In doing so, you will not only learn the ropes, but you will also learn that internet provides massive leverage to brand and promote yourself. Build a community of 5000 friends/fans on facebook and twitter and at the push of a button, you can get instant views and reviews of your music… and we’ll take this to the next level and say… at the push of a button, you can get instant purchases of your music! How does that sound?

So friends, if this at all intrigues you, our good friend Christian Alva & Brandon Oris Brown are hosting a webinar on this New Music Economy.

Brandon Oris Brown is a music marketing specialist who has learned and trained under some of the biggest marketers in the world today.

Christian Alva who also is a DJ himself in the Electronic Dance Music scene, is the leading internet music marketing trainer online today. He’s best known for his “off the cuff” training and is constantly looking for the next “big move” in social media.

Together, Brandon & Christian are presenting: The New Music Economy Fan Building Secrets Webinar.

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The webinar is on November 23rd, 2011 at 8pm.

If you are an artist, DJ, producer, label owner, promoter, or PR manager, you definitely do not want to miss out on what Brandon & Christian are going to say.

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Check out this video on what Trent Rezonor from Nine Inch Nails says about the New Music Economy: