The Electronica Life Issue #1 05.15.11

The Electronica Life
Issue # 1 – 05.15.11

“Music is beautiful, it explains some
things we never can say with words…”
– a poet unknown


This is our very first issue of Electronica Life
and we wanna start if off with a BANG!

What you can expect to see in this issue and
future issues are things like EDM videos,
interviews, party PREviews, party REviews,
new album/track reviews, podcasts, new
up and coming artists, dj mixes, pictures,
cool giveaways and contests, and much,
much more.

Our concept behind Electronica Life is
simple. We want to share all things EDM.
We want to educate and build a community
that is respectful, that will share the beauty
of music with others. We want to help
other artist grow into who they are so that
they can share their musical gift with the world.
Plain and simple, we just want to help. The
hard part is sharing the message… that’s
where we need your help. Can you help us?

We need you to make this work.

You might be saying, “Well what do I have to
do? I don’t have much time… and I haven’t
any money”

Well you’re already reading this and that’s
half of it. All we would like from you is to
continue reading our Electronica Life
newsletter and anytime something intriguing
moves you… just share it with your friends
on facebook, twitter, your blog or by
forwarding this newsletter to their inbox.
Sharing is caring and that’s the other half of it.

Just read and share.

If you help us, we’ll reward
you… promise.

We’re starting a revolution where we’re
giving before taking and helping before
asking for something. With that said,
we’re sure you’re here because you saw
a nifty video about 05.15.11.

May 15th, 2011 is the day we started
something new, and with your help
it’ll become something bigger than
any of us can imagine. On this day,
we launched Electronica Life and we
want to celebrate by giving.

So here’s a couple clues…

not a Club

Haha… did you guys get it yet?

Okay, one more clue…

It’s going to be hott as hell!

Alright, if you haven’t gotten it yet
(although I’m sure you already have)
we’re giving a ticket away to the
Electric Daisy Carnival – Vegas.

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet
here are the links to each separate day:

Day 1 –
Day 2 –
Day 3 –

But before we talk about how were
giving a ticket away, let’s talk about
last years EDC.

Last years EDC was the 14th annual
Electric Daisy Carnival that drew
180,000 people over two days. Some
of the artist featured were Deadmau5,
Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Kaskade,
Swedish House Mafia, Laidback Luke
and Above and Beyond just to name a

EDC 2010 official trailer here:

With the misfortune of losing 15 year old
Sasha Rodriguez after EDC was over,
there was a lot controversy whether or not
the Electric Daisy Carnival was going to
return to the L.A. Coliseum fair grounds.

With the city and head of Insomniac
(Pasquale Rotella) at “war”, there was
already rumor and speculation that EDC
was going to find a new home for 2011.
Many thought the 2 day festival was
going to be in California but we soon
found reports that it was possibly headed
to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sooner than later, an official statement
was released from Insomniac thanking
the Coliseum and the city of L.A. for all
it’s hard work and dedication over the
past years. In the statement it had also
been said that EDC will be moving to
other grounds that could facilitate what
the carnival has to offer.

Then on February 24th, 2011, Insomniac
answered all rumors about EDC 2011 by
letting party-goers know that the event had
found a new home at the Las Vegas Motor
Speedway. Then later on we found out that
the Electric Daisy Carnival would be 3 days!

Day 1 Tickets –
Day 2 Tickets –
Day 3 Tickets –

The question is: Are you going?

Many have said that this years party
“cost too much” or is “too far away”,
so we want to help with that.

So as a kick off to the Electronica Life
to show you that we care about what’s
going on in the scene, we have decided
to do a contest.

Click here to see what you have to do.

We wish you all the best and hope to see you
in Las Vegas with us at the Electric Daisy

– The Electronica Life Team

P.S. Remember, we need you to help us
spread and build a respectable community.
If you help us and give before you take, we will
reward you with more cool contests and prizes.
The bigger we get, the bigger the reward.
Please help us by sharing, “liking” and
commenting our 05.15.11 video on youtube

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