The Desert Hearts 2018 Train is Pulling Into The Station

*written by Lizzie Rose for Electronica Life

The Desert Hearts boys have certainly been up to so much this year! With tours and a packed 2017 festival season, they have become a nation-wide recognizable name. Though they have grown drastically in popularity, there is only one place that Desert Hearts Crew truly feels like home- On top of the speakers at Los Coyotes. The festival has gone from a coveted and protected yearly event, to a homecoming of sorts for the Desert Hearts Community. Desert Hearts has truly grown from a community to a movement- It has become something that allows us to check in with ourselves and our friends and express ourselves in a comfortable space. My last three Desert Hearts experiences I’ve experienced deep, deep learning about myself and perspective shifts that have changed my life thereafter. As living and breathing humans, experiences shape our personalities every day. Our cells regenerate and we change our hair, clothing styles, and favorite songs. Events like Desert Hearts, with pure vibes and good intentions, help us to pull back to center and observe these changes.

The fact that we get to celebrate with the Desert Hearts crew in a few weeks (April 27th – April 30th) has us like little kids on Christmas. The festival was pushed to a later date, so the weather will likely be warmer and snugglier than freezing years past. Desert Hearts kicks off the festival season this year, bringing an awesome lineup to Los Coyotes Indian Reservation once again for three days of techno. Damien Lazarus, Dance Spirit, Egyptian Lover, Sacha Robotti, Kevin Knapp, Anabel Englund and more headline the gathering, with the beloved Desert Hearts Crew with Mikey Lion, Porkchop, Lee Reynolds, and Marbs

Desert Hearts is truly an example of what happens when intention meets motivation. The crew has slowly built a fire that is now spreading rapidly, with no intention of slowing down. Not only is Desert Hearts a pinnacle example of music culture, but also fashion and art abound. The kind of place where you wouldn’t be surprised to see champagne and waffles on the dance floor at sunrise, festival fashion influencers strutting the runway in the afternoon, or the DJ’s whole crew on stage with him- Desert Hearts is the hottest festival you have to hit this spring.