The Chemistry Of Break Science – An Interview w/ Adam Deitch

*written by A’Damaged Pro for Electronica Life

Part digital. Part live instrumental. All “electronic soul.” Break Science continues to push the envelope. They draw their inspiration from a wide variety of sources, ranging from hip-hop to old-school jazz. The balance they achieve between Adam Deitch’s live drum sets and Borahm Lee’s synth-mastery is quickly becoming legendary.

What do you call it when an artist is motivated to create a new sound? Some might call it “inspired.” Some purists might call it “heresy” by the way it breaks from tradition. I’ve always been told that rules are meant to be broken and a new tradition can begin at any time. These new traditions can require a combination of styles and musical influences that have previously remained mutually exclusive of one another. In certain instances, the creative scope, destined to be explored, desires that a collaboration must be born. I spoke with Adam Deitch, the drummer from Break Science, about Pretty Lights Music and the evolution of the multifaceted genre of “electronic soul.”

(some ear candy while you read: Break Science – Seven Bridges)

A’Damaged Pro – Where did you grow up?

Break Science – 40 minutes north of NYC in Nyack, NY. I’ve been living in Brooklyn for the last 15 years.

A’Damaged Pro – What were your earliest musical influences and how have those tastes matured as you’ve grown up?

Break Science – My parents are both drummers. My friends are musicians. I remember my mom playing drums and my dad singing and playing along. I’ve always been into folk music and real soul music…stuff like Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder.

A’Damaged Pro – When did you realize that you wanted to start making music?

Break Science – When I was younger I was into things like drawing and skateboarding but music is something I always came back to. I was surrounded by hip-hop tracks because of friends that rapped. Add a producer kid at the homie hangout and the rest is history.

A’Damaged Pro – What instrument did you learn to play first when you were younger?

Break Science – I started on the drums when I was two years old. Then I was introduced to the piano. My parents put the crib next to the piano. I eventually took a few lessons.

A’Damaged Pro – Do you feel that where you’ve lived has affected your style of music?

Break Science – Definitely. I grew up in a really mixed community. There were a lot of cultures and a lot of diversity. Being able to trek to the city to hit up crazy raves and jazz clubs made it easy to be all over the place. I love rock. I love hip-hop. Run DMC, KRS One, and the whole East Coast style and eventually my mind opened up.

A’Damaged Pro – Who are some artists that inspire you, and what aspects of their music speak to you directly?

Break Science – For a long time electronic music was really separate from hip-hop. DJ Shadow, RJD2, Pretty Lights, and Gramatik paved the way for electronic-soul to be created.

A’Damaged Pro – How would you like your music to speak to others?

Break Science – We just want to give them a dose of the culture that we’re from. We don’t want it to be just some crazy fast licks on the drums but music that makes people dance.

A’Damaged Pro – Name a few artists that you would like to collaborate with and how you feel your style would complement theirs.

Break Science – Pretty Lights, Gramatik, Paper Diamond, Griz, and Busta Rhymes… he could really rip a Break Science track…

Miles Davis was one of my idols and we (Break Science) love vinyl to this day. Electronic Soul!!!!

A’Damaged Pro – What was the creative process like for your full-length debut album “Seven Bridges?

Break Science – Borahm Lee….he’s a brilliant composer, jazz pianist, reggae keyboard stylist, and Ableton master. A fucking Jedi. He can take crazy ideas and samples and reverse them. He coordinated with singers and vocalists. The album was a two year process, working on music all the time. When we get together music is going to happen.

A’Damaged Pro – Can you describe the overall experience of being members in the inaugural live band for the Pretty Lights’ “Analog Future Tour?

Break Science – I played with Derek in 2010 as his drummer for a tour. He invited me to be his drummer.

The live band has members of two projects I’m involved with, Lettuce and Break Science (Eric Benny Bloom and Borahm Lee, respectively). It was a group concept bringing the forces together and, yes, we had a fucking blast.

A’Damaged Pro – Is there talk of a collaboration album involving the tour?

Break Science – Every day at sound check…Derek wanted to record everything. He had an actual sound stage and recorded every idea and track. I think we ended up with roughly, like, 15-20 breaks.

A’Damaged Pro – What is your dream set?

Break Science – This whole movement is getting bigger. Break Science IS going to headline Red Rocks. Hands down, no questions asked. Combining live instruments with production and Ableton…I want people to know the music…to be exposed.

A’Damaged Pro – Do you have any new projects that you’re working on now?

Break Science – Seven Bridges Tour!!!!! We’re rocking the first stage of the tour with our fellow labelmate, Paul Basic. He is just super dope and we both have new records out so it makes perfect sense.

A’Damaged Pro’s final words…

Innovation is changing the architecture of the musical landscape. What might have once been thought impossible is now achievable, thanks to dreamers and synergy enthusiasts alike. The cookie-cutter molds that were previously used to compartmentalize music genres have become archaic and outdated. Welcome to a future where the music is all that matters, where the melodic and funky duo of Break Science are proud ambassadors.

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