The Affinity With Love At Desert Hearts 3 Year Anniversary

*written by Crystal Garcia & photos by Lizzie Rose for Electronica Life

From November 5th- 9th at the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, off the grid and deep into the desert between San Diego and Palm Springs, something magical happened. A few thousand eccentric souls braved freezing temperatures to gather in the name of House, Techno and Love for the Desert Hearts Three Year Anniversary event. I could probably write a novel as to the reasons why Desert Hearts festival has that special and unique vibe that makes it stand apart from the rest, but for the sake of time and sanity, here are just a few of the many reasons that truly resonated with me throughout the weekend.


Those Warm and Fuzzy Dancefloor Vibes

It was COLD. I can’t even describe how cold it really was for this native California girl. At one point I literally couldn’t feel my toes, and wanted nothing more than to be snuggled in my warm and cozy bed at home. As cold as it was, all this changed once I got my freezing ass down to the dancefloor. The vibe on that dancefloor was so overly welcoming and warm, that the freezing temperatures at night literally helped create it. Everyone was cold, but opted to embrace in each other’s company rather than freeze alone. Sure body heat ups the temperature of surroundings to a certain degree and it most definitely helped warm things up, but I do believe the vibe was at just the right setting to warm up even the coldest soul.

100 Hours Of Non-stop Music

Say Whattt? Yes, you read that correctly. From Thursday at 12 pm to Monday at 4pm, the music continued and never stopped. The music was on point the entire weekend with some of the best DJ’s in today’s house and techno scene. Berlin techno pioneers Andreas Henneberg and Marc Houle ruled the dancefloor, while Dirtybird maestros J. Phlip and Claude Von Stroke brought the crowds out on Saturday night.

Of course the boys of Desert Hearts each had their respective times on the decks throughout the weekend. Deep Jesus played a 6 am set on Sunday morning that I could hear from my campsite. The beats were just too good to sleep through, which caused me to immediately jump out of bed and head straight to the dancefloor with champagne and orange juice in my hand. It was Sunday after all and I was more than ready for mimosas and Sunday Funday. even if that meant starting the party at the crack of dawn.

The Cheese and French Toast Effect

On Saturday a wine and cheese party took place in the middle of the dancefloor. On Sunday Morning, a full fledged French toast station with all the fixings was set up on the side of the dance floor, which I must say perfectly complemented my Sunday morning Mimosas. I later spotted a grilled cheese station on Sunday afternoon and was absolutely amazed considering my champagne drunk munchies and nagging grilled cheese craving. Not only did a group of people work together to set up each of these and donate their time to make it happen, but the part was that it was FREE. What other festival would you find this at? I can’t think of any, so please let me know if you do.

“Sooo Good!”

“Sooo good” seemed to be the recurring theme of the weekend. When I asked people how their weekend was going, many could only reply with the words “sooo good!”

How was the music? “Sooo good!”

How was the food? “Sooo good!”

What was the vibe like? “Sooo good!”

Even after the festival was over and I stopped for (yet another) grilled cheese from In-N-Out on the way home, I asked a couple in line how their Desert Hearts experience turned out, their simultaneous response? You guessed it, “Sooo good!”

The People and The LOVE

Until my first Desert Hearts festival, I always thought it was an interesting concept to base a festival off not just music, but also love. It’s safe to say that I didn’t quite understand it, that is..until now. The people at Desert Hearts create the love, and the love creates the people of Desert Hearts. The people and the LOVE literally just vibe off each other, creating the ideal festival atmosphere that must be felt to be experienced. I’ve been to my fair share of festivals over the years, but I’ve honestly never in my life felt the mass amount of love and acceptance that I experienced this weekend.

This love realization came full circle on Monday afternoon as the Desert Hearts crew closed out the weekend together on the one and only stage. With tears in their eyes, Mikey Lion, Porkchop, Marbs, Deep Jesus and Lee Reynolds each took to the mic to thank everyone in attendance for an incredible weekend. In these moments, I felt and witnessed the love reverberate throughout the dancefloor as the guys each went around giving love and hugs to each person in the crowd. Next thing I knew, I had tears of happiness and satisfaction streaming across my face as well.

I finally understood the effects that a movement based in love can create, and why the perceptions we may have of ourselves and others don’t matter… because in the end, We Are All Desert Hearts. <3

When asked to describe their festival experience in three words or less, here’s what a few attendees had to say. Read up on the effects of the Desert Hearts lessons in House, Techno and Love, and we’ll see you at the Spring edition of DH!

Paris S.- Revival.Passion.Divinity.

Tori C.- “Found My Heart”

Mariah S.- Satiating.Prismatic.Playground.

Kally R.- “Arctic Hearts”

Amy M.- Super.Trippy.Fancy.

Jeanie M.- “Expansive Love Platform”

Scott S. – “Too Much Love”

Dara R.- “That Lineup Tho”

Kristi N.- Magic.Beauty.Love.

Phoenix R.- “Connected The Dots”

Jordan M.- “Good Vibes Everywhere”

Jimmy L.- Love. Serve. Remember.

Karen C.- “Best Friends Forever”

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