Techno Master Marco Bailey Discusses MATERIA and Ultra’s Resistance Stage

*written by Crystal Garcia for Electronica Life

During Ultra Music Festival in Miami last weekend I had a chance to catch up with the Belgian born DJ, Marco Bailey right after his set at the brand new RESISTANCE stage. No stranger to techno and the underground sound, Marco has been behind the decks and producing music since the time most Ultra attendees could even comprehend the individuality of electronic music. Check out Marco’s thoughts on the new Resistance stage and future plans for MATERIA with Carl Cox in our interview below with the techno legend.

Crystal – Hi Marco, I was just watching your set at the Resistance stage earlier. How was it for you?

Marco – It was good! The sun was out and shining!

Crystal – It was best you played today versus yesterday in the Ultra rain storm then..right?

Marco – Haha..yes, I guess so!

Crystal – Have you performed at Ultra before?

Marco – Yes I have, twice actually! So this is the third time.

Crystal – What was your take on the Resistance stage and the movement that Ultra is pushing forward by introducing Resistance this year for the first time?

Marco – I’m really happy that they did this kind of stage for the first time and that they’re doing it for the underground sound.

Crystal – Likewise! I was really happy to see the lineup for the stage, and to see that Ultra is attempting a new direction.

Marco – Yes! I mean for years and years it was only Carl Cox bringing this sound and it was him putting it together, and now it’s Ultra themselves organizing it.

Crystal – I know that you’ve been touring Europe and if I’m correct this is the first time you’ve brought your MATERIA party to the states, so how was it to have the inaugural edition of MATERIA at Ultra?

Marco – It’s good to be here during WMC, but there’s just so much going on right now. Hundreds of parties just this week alone. We’re also doing an event tonight and bringing it to NYC soon.

Crystal – Where does the name MATERIA stem from?

Marco – Well it translates to ‘matter’ in Spanish and It’s easy to pronounce for many people who speak English. I’m from Belgium and I speak Dutch, but it’s easy even for me to say. We actually wanted to use the name ‘matter’, but it was also the name of a popular club in London that is closed now. I also wasn’t really feeling using the same name.

Crystal – Are you excited to have such a well-respected name as Carl Cox join you for MATERIA Belgium in May?

Marco – Yes, of course. Definitely!

Crystal – How did the connection between you two begin?

Marco – Ohhhh, we go way back to 1999. I started to make tracks for Carl’s label at the time, he asked me to and I was completely on cloud 9. Since then I’m producing a new track for him almost every year, sometimes maybe two. It’s now been 16 years, so automatically a great friendship is created and grows.

Crystal – Any surprises for your Marco & friends MATERIA party tonight at The Bank in downtown Miami?

Marco – GOOD MUSIC! And going on until…well I can not say right now. Haha.

Crystal – *Laughs with Marco* Well it is Miami after all right? It’s a mystery.

Marco – Here at Ultra we know what time it ends though,midnight is sooo early!

Crystal – Yes, way too early! Well I have an off topic question for you that I like to ask…

Marco –  UH-OH!

Crystal –’s nothing crazy. What’s your best hustler story of when you were trying to make it as an upcoming artist?

Marco – OMG…well I’m still trying to make it! It’s still a hard fight and I’m fighting every day, but with love and passion you don’t feel it really. But it’s hard to work everyday, still now..ya know? Even for people who are considered big, they still have to work everyday to prove themselves and constantly deliver.

Crystal – I agree! It’s always an uphill battle.  Well thank you very much Marco, it’s been a pleasure. I’m excited to catch the MATERIA party tonight!

Marco – Thank you! See you tonight!

It’s safe to say that MATERIA that night in downtown Miami was quite the party.  My friends and I  arrived right before 4am and were told that we were “early.” I was trying to wrap my head around that comment right after, at home in LA I would have already left the club! The night, or shall I say morning, continued as Marco hit the decks around 5 am and the dance floor was packed from DJ booth to the bar. The beats were bumping while the speakers vibrated so forcefully that I could literally a pulsation throughout my body from head to toe. At this point I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into, but I knew that leaving anytime soon at a somewhat decent hour was no longer an option. With no sense or care for time, it was that much easier to just get lost in the music with the sea of techno heads surrounding me.

By the time we made it out of the dark hole, the sun was already out bright and shining. If this is what a MATERIA party typically entails, count me in! 😀
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