Super8 & Tab discuss new album “Unified” & North American Tour

*written by Vix for Electronica Life

j4rr_2013_2Super8 & Tab have been reigning the Trance  world for almost ten years now. It goes without question that they can take their listeners on a musical journey that will leave them craving for more by the end of their performance. The fans wishes for more of Super8 & Tab’s phenomenal creativeness has finally been answered with the “Unified” world tour. See these two Trance Ambassadors use their beautiful sound to unify the world, like never before!

Vix – How did you guys come up with the album title “Unified?”

Super8 & Tab – That’s a great question! No matter if you’re at a club, venue, or festival, it feels as if all of the people are unified. We want it to feel like we can all come together under the same sound and music; we are here for the people and they’re here for us. No matter what we do, it feels as if everyone is connected to us and unified in some way, and that’s what the album is about.

Vix – When did you two start working on “Unified?”

Super8 & Tab – We started working on the “Unified” album right after our previous album back in 2010, but its good to have fun, make remixes, etc., so you’re not just pushing out album after album. During these 4 years, music has changed a lot, as well as the people and tours. On top of that, we both have recently become parents so the album had a lot of different inspirations.

Vix – This album is really four years in the making?

Super8 & Tab – It’s mostly just been the last 18 months that we’ve really been working on it. We’ve produced songs and remixes in the meantime, but kept them as singles because they didn’t flow right with the album.

Vix – Do you guys have your own favorite tracks off the album?

Tab – “No Frontiers” is one of the key tracks for me, off the album. There’s other tracks as well, but that’s the main one for me.

Super8 – To be honest, I’m going to say, “Rubicon.”

Vix – What was it like working with Julie Thompson on three tracks off the album?

Super8 & Tab – It’s been amazing! We worked on a track for her album, which still isn’t out yet but hopefully will be soon, and she did three tracks off our album; we’ve been working with her for a while. She was going to do a forth as well, but it just didn’t fit with the album, so we may release that one as a single at a later time. Being in the studio with her is like the BEST studio session we’ve had actually.

Vix – What’s it like to travel around the world for your tour?

Tab – Traveling is definitely hard, especially when it comes to sleep. When we come to North America, we’re usually only getting like an hour or two of sleep because of jet lag. No matter what in the end, it’s all worth it though.

Super8 – If there was a teleportation machine, I would be REALLY happy! I’m a bad sleeper anyway, so what do I care (HAHA).

Vix – What do you guys get from unifying people around the world with your music?

Super8 & Tab -It’s the energy that you get from the people, all the smiles they bring, or playing your new track and everyone being like, “OH MY GOD!” or singing the lyrics to some of our tracks. Performing in front of the crowd really slows space & time, allowing them to become more unified.

Vix – Which track off the album was most challenging to make?

Super8 & Tab – For “No Frontiers”, we made 15 different riffs for it and I don’t even know how many bass lines (HAHA). Our newest track “Let Go” was actually the hardest one off the album to make. There were what seemed like hundreds of versions of that track. We’re lucky we get to go out and rogue test it at a couple shows, and see how it actually works out. Sometimes it takes a few days to complete a track and sometimes it may take a few months. it just depends on how it “clicks” with you.

Vix – Do you guys get a lot of time to produce music during your tour?

Super8 & Tab -It’s really on & off for us, but when we do work on music, there’s multiple projects at the same time until we decided that we need to focus on “Let Go,” then comes the rogue testing, etc.

Vix – What was the most challenging part about releasing “Unified?”

Super8 & Tab -Our management wanted all the tracks to be “Unified”, which was a challenge for us in production, but I feel we did pretty well at it. Everything has to flow; you need to be able to listen to our music in any setting outside of parties. It must sound natural in order for it to work.

Vix – What’s next for you guys after this tour?

Super8 & Tab – After this tour, we’ll be doing the world tour. There’s about three or four songs that are going to be released once touring ends, which will be different kinds of remixes from us.

Vix – What’s one thing that is special to you guys about your careers in Dance Music, that you have yet to mention in an interview before?

Super8 & Tab – This whole journey has been one CRAZY experience! 2015, is the 10 year anniversary of Super8 & Tab! It’s funny to us how fast everything has been going and how much fun we have all around the world. We actually haven’t been thanking the people enough for all the support and coming out to our shows. Whenever people make it to our shows and wave their hands in the air, we just feel so thankful. There can’t be enough thanks said for how you guys make us feel. We are so humbled by our fans!

Vix – How did you guys learn how to produce Electronic music?

Tab – We were self-taught; we come from an era where you learn from trial & error.

Super8 – When I started making music, we didn’t even have computers (HAHA). All I had was a Pattern Sequencer and Akai Sampler, so there wasn’t much.

Vix – Do you guys have any advice for upcoming producers?

Tab – Take your favorite track, separate it into pieces, analyze the track, understand how it’s made, then finally learn how to remake it to learn the tricks to be able to make your own Electronic Music.

Super8 – It’s REALLY important though, that you remember to do your own thing! You won’t make it if you copy other people.

Vix’s final words…

Expected to stun the ears of millions, with their new 14 track piece of Trance paradise, is Super8 & Tab’s widely anticipated “Unified” album. Their one mission for their latest album was to bring the world closer together at a much needed time, and say “Thank You” to all their beloved fans, for helping them get to where they are today. Be sure to pick up your copy as soon as possible, to hear what the legends themselves have to offer.