Super 8 & Tab – “The Way You Want” Tour Interview

*written by A’Damaged Pro

Super 8 & Tab have dedicated their lives to making music.  This is not a passion that they take lightly.  Time becomes the ultimate commodity, especially when you are about to begin touring the globe, again.  Thankfully, they had enough time to discuss what’s new in their world.

Finnish duo Super 8 & Tab are about to be kicking off their “The Way You Want” North American Tour.  I was lucky enough to get a few minutes of their time and get the low down on the creative process, their motivation, and what’s on the horizon for these two.

Electronica Life: Who did you use as inspiration when you first started making music?

Super 8 & Tab: We’ve been doing music over 20 years so there’s been lots of different acts to inspire us. There’s been Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy, Moby, Jam & Spoon,  Rollo Goes Camping, Massive Attack, Tilt, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, BT, Above & Beyond, just to name few.

Electronica Life: How do you feel your tastes have matured over the years?

Super 8 & Tab: Whether it’s good or bad, somehow we both feel that our tastes haven’t actually changed too much. We have always looked for the same things in music. We like it to be well written, well produced and forward thinking.

Electronica Life: If you had to use (5) words to describe your style, what would they be?

Super 8 & Tab: Strong-melody, driving-groove, hands-in-the-air, progressive-trance, good-times! Okay, that was a few more than 5 really! ;]

Electronica Life: An evolving attitude is inevitable, otherwise you become static, what personal goals have you guys set for yourselves to keep pushing forward?

Super 8 & Tab: We are updating our studio all the time with new gear, listening to a lot of music, seeing other DJ’s / Artists performing at festivals or clubs, just to get ourselves inspired all the time! Forward forever, backwards never ;]

Electronica Life: Who are some of your contemporaries that inspire you?

Super 8 & Tab: We listen to new tracks every week and we try to sponge new things from that  to our music. Recently Mark Knight and Mat Zo have been putting out interesting music.

Electronica Life: When creating new music, artists are required to find a balance between the “classic” and the contemporary.  Describe the process that resulted in the harmony found in “The Way You Want.”

Super 8 & Tab: Process of creating ‘The Way You Want ‘  was exactly that. We wanted to write a riff that is really recognizable as a Super8 & Tab riff and then produce it to sound new and fresh.

Electronica Life: What are some factors that went into deciding to remix BT’s “Surrounded” featuring Aqualung?  How pleased are you with the initial success of it?

Super 8 & Tab: BT is one of our heroes so when he wanted us to remix one of his tracks we were really honored.  The track is very well written so it was a great pleasure to remix it.  We are really happy it went number 1 on Beatport Trance, but it was even more satisfying to hear how happy BT, himself, was about our remix.

Electronica Life: Do you feel that established artists have an inherent responsibility to bring new artists “into the fold” to perpetuate the evolution of the craft?

Super 8 & Tab: We don’t feel there’s a responsibility. We think it’s a privilege if we can evolve to help new talents.

Electronica Life: Are there any artists we should be on the look out for in the near future?

Super 8 & Tab: There is actually a really great scene happening in Finland. There are some very exciting talents that are upcoming stars or may have been around for awhile, like Orkidea, Heavyweight, Heikki L, Alex Kunnari, DJ Orion, Something Good, or Tom Fall, to name but a few.

Electronica Life: If you had to pick 3 artists to do collaborations with, who would they be?

Super 8 & Tab: Our label mate Mat Zo, one of our inspirations Paul Van Dyk, and someone we don’t even know yet!

Electronica Life: Any new projects on the horizon?

Super 8 & Tab: We are in the studio any chance we get, so that there is always new music coming out and we are currently doing a collaboration with one of our all time favourite artists but we cannot say anything more about it just yet. We also have our Empire club night running in Helsinki so all that keeps us busy besides traveling around the globe!

Electronica Life: Do you have any advice for those pursuing careers in the industry?

Super 8 & Tab: All of these might sounds cliche but they are very true. Do your own thing, believe what you do and work hard!  The work will reward you someday!

Upcoming Tour Shows…

Sep 06 Exchange LA, Los Angeles, USA
Sep 07 Bassmnt, San Diego, USA
Sep 12 Sutra, Costa Mesa, USA
Sep 13 Rumor, Philadelphia, USA
Sep 14 Webster Hall New York City, USA

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