Suggested Listening: Simon Shackleton’s One Playa Sunrise at Nutz Camp, Burning Man (Aug 14)

A 6 hour set that is definitely worth listening to… and then replaying. What do you think? Leave us a comment below.

“These sets at the Nutz camp have grown organically in the 5 years I have been doing them for, and have been the catalyst for a sea change in my own personal musical appreciation. They’ve shown and encouraged me to dig deep into electronic music, looking for a spiritual dimension … they have stretched me mentally and physically, and in doing so I see myself leaving my past behind in all it’s forms.

They have also encouraged and enthused me to produce music under my real name (Simon Shackleton), to launch the Stereophoenix label which is now my primary recording outlet, and to launch and develop The One Series, a vehicle for further long sets such as these.

Burning Man is pure, raw, inspiration. Each year is very different and you get the Burn you need rather than the Burn you want. This year was my personal favourite of the 6 I’ve been to … it was beautiful, intimate, inspiring, passionate, flawless … and as my heart & soul moves further away from the EDM-heavy festival stages of the night time, I feel more engaged than ever before with this music, and more importantly this incredible sense of community that Burning Man engenders.

The Nutz epitomise everything I <3 about the Burn. Roll on 2015. xoxo”Simon Shackleton via soundcloud