“Still With Me” Featuring Cristina Soto By Tritonal Review

“Still With Me” Featuring Cristina Soto By Tritonal Review

“Equal part electro, equal part trance, this song will uplift you to the neatest dance floor! The long awaited track by Tritional feat. Cristina Soto is finally here! “Still With Me” is the perfect combination of Soto’s angelic voice and the smooth baseline that only Tritonal can provide = pure club heaven. This track will be on my play list for a long time” – DJ Trevi of the Electronica Life

“Tritonal has collaborated with singer Cristina Soto once again to bring their new anticipated single named “Still With Me”. The track offers a deep rich harmonic bassline with an amazing chunky-feel complementing the voice of Cristina Soto. “Still With Me” will remain HIGH on the Beatport charts while currently in the top 10. With the growing success of this track, people can expect to hear it in all the big DJ’s sets. – Dj Charlie Green of the Electronica Life

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