Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, Tujamo – “Boneless” (Ookay remix) – Interview with Rising Star Ookay

*written by A’Damaged Pro

Today is a proud day for Buygore Management and Ultra Records. Their very own “trapaholic” prodigy, Ookay, drops his highly-anticipated remix to one of this summer’s established anthems “Boneless.” We discuss his style, his process, and his expectations for the future.

Don’t let the fact that Ookay is a relative newcomer to the scene fool you. This kid is coming out swinging. Blessed by circumstance and driven by a zealous desire to bring his style to the masses, Buygore Management and Ultra Records’ rising star, Ookay, is someone to be watching. Our discussion about the making of Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, Tujamo – Boneless (Ookay remix) covers the innovative spectrum, from the moment of inspiration to how he balances the final product.

Electronica LIfe: What selection process went into deciding to do a remix of this song?

Ookay: I figured they wanted a trap remix and I wanted something to be delivered hard. I loved the song when I first heard it and was excited to break the song down and build it up with a new twist.

Electronica LIfe: Where were you when inspiration struck you?

Ookay: In the shower. For some reason everyone becomes Mozart in the shower. It’s my thinking spot.

Electronica LIfe: What elements of your style do you think are reflected best on this track?

Ookay: Just a really hard-driven, spaced out drop. It’s more of a modern dance twist rather than hip-hop influenced trap remix. I guess you can say it’s more “Rave” trap.

Electronica LIfe: Which aspects of the original did you feel needed to stay intact?

Ookay: The melody of course. It’s such a catchy tune and I didn’t want to stray too far away from the original idea.

Electronica LIfe: How do you think this remix will be received?

Ookay: It’s been received well live at my shows and I’m very pleased with the comments from my fellow DJ/Producers. I’m excited to put it out for the general audience.

Electronica LIfe: Any new projects lined up for the near future?

Ookay: Oh yes! I’m currently working on a new EP as well as some collaborations with some very well known artists.  It’s exciting and I’m looking forward to showing my fans the final products in the near future!

Check out Ookay here: Facebook | Soundcloud

Check out Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo’s “Boneless” original here…