Stepping Into The Vortex And Embracing Its Awareness – An Interview w/ Threyda Collective

*written by A’Damaged Pro for Electronica Life

Down the rabbit hole. Through the looking glass. Into the wormhole. Do you see what I see? Do you feel what I feel? There’s no way for me to know because I lack the adequate means to express how to translate a voyage of that nature into something tangible. Lucky for us, I’m not the primary conduit for this course of action, but I do know a group of artists that can take: heavenly bodies, your dreams, your nightmares, and facets of uncharted human imagination and bring them front and center.

In some instances individuals, that are defined by their quest for spiritual enlightenment, can be called monks by the outside world. What do you call a group of shamanistically-inspired artists that incorporate multiple mediums: astral projections, liquid geometry, and fractal reality? Terms that might not crystallize in the brain converge in the mind’s eye. Is it safe to call a work of art pineal glandularly-inspired? The Threyda Collective is a group of artists. Their flock is growing. The cohesive nature and elements of their support, among members, is remarkable. The diversity of their talent is something that I’m certain will be showcased infinitely into the future. You can’t predict the future but you can: draw it, paint it, or digitally render it. The only thing that could make it any different from what it will be is purely subjective. We have astronauts. We have cosmonauts, and we have those that strive to show us the way. I spoke with their curator, Peter Westerman, about: Threyda’s origins, the progress the group is making, and where he would like to see things going.

A’Damaged Pro – When did the collective first come together?

Threyda Collective – The collective came together in 2009 – the initial group was me and about 4 or 5 other artists I knew at the time from various place. Once we launched I have been slowly adding people as I get to know them and now we are up to about 20 different artists.

A’Damaged Pro – Any personal significance for the name?

Threyda Collective – The name definitely ties into the whole thing for me – I wanted a name that could somewhat represent the abstract and complex nature of the group, and it seemed like using an abstracted word was the most fitting way to let people explore it on their own terms.

A’Damaged Pro – How are new members scouted/ accepted/ initiated?

Threyda Collective – There’s never been a real process – its just been a natural feeling out of people over a long period of time before I invite them. To me its a very serious thing to call someone a coworker, and so I’ve been deliberately slow and careful to choose new people.

A’Damaged Pro – What qualities should they exhibit? (Kind of a loaded question given the diversity, I know)

Threyda Collective – I like really friendly, calm and intelligent people who aspire to do something positive and useful with their work.

A’Damaged Pro – Is there a guiding principle to the Threyda Collective?

Threyda Collective – Create and be nice to people!

A’Damaged Pro – Do you find/hear that EDM can help stimulate creativity?

Threyda Collective – Absolutely! Many people in our group including myself are huge EDM fans and its been inspiring a lot of our work. I think it goes hand and hand with modern art because they are both to me very modern expressions of energy and consciousness, and it is a beautiful thing to see all of the art and music overlapping in new ways out there. Our artist, Fabian Jimenez, also dabbles in psytrance production and DJing and I think he put it best when comparing modern art and music – “At the end of the day they are only different ways to manipulate energy in a creative way and share it”.

A’Damaged Pro – The Digital Age is making information much more accessible. What role has technology played in helping move Threyda (both as a collective and individual artists) forward?

Threyda Collective – A big reason why this project is successful is definitely because of technology – not only as a tool for some of us to create our work but also to spread the word. A lot of us have also been highly inspired by the changes the internet is making to the human mind and I think that reflects in our work as well. I come from a technical background and having grown up with the internet it seemed to be the best outlet by far for this kind of group. Because of being so internet based our popularity has grown in places all over the world – even though it will be passed up soon by Denver, still the most popular place in the world for our work is in Melbourne, Australia!

A’Damaged Pro – Any particular accolades or milestones of interest in Threyda’s history?

Threyda Collective – It is tough to name one, it does feel like we have a lot of them because we have been rapidly changing since the start. I would have to say having several of the people in our group make their way to one place (Denver) is one of our most major milestones so far.

A’Damaged Pro – Does a gallery exist for the collective works? If not, is there one in the works?

Threyda Collective – There is one in the works and it will most likely be in Denver – our group has been too spread out to make this kind of thing happen in the past.

A’Damaged Pro – In the potential gallery, what mediums would be showcased on display?

Threyda Collective – Our artists do a great job of creating work in a huge range of mediums and I would definitely want to reflect that. We have artists who use vector illustration, 3D printing and modeling, digital painting, mixed medias, traditional acrylics, oils, pastels, pencils, air brushes, aerosols and everything in between.

A’Damaged Pro – Have you or any members participated in a live-art exhibit?

Threyda Collective – Quite a few of our artists have traveled and live painted extensively! I personally have not done very much yet but I am looking forward to changing that.

A’Damaged Pro – Name a few key elements you think are responsible for the overall popularity of the collection.

Threyda Collective – I think we have pretty cohesive personalities as a group and our feelings about art in general are very similar – and that combined with the hard work put into every detail of the branding and presentation has lived up to the amount of dedication our artists are putting into their work!

A’Damaged Pro – The move from artwork to clothing has been approached…Threyda’s position and potential plans?

Threyda Collective – This project has always been defined by me as equal parts clothing brand and artist collective – when we launched in 2009 we created a huge amount of different unique items but soon found clothing is very difficult to be successful with at first – we had to focus on just the artwork until our audience increased, and now we are slowly moving back towards being a full fledged clothing company!

A’Damaged Pro – Does the collective house workshops or could it in the future? Possible outreach programs, etc.?

Threyda Collective – We have talked quite a bit about workshops and other programs and many of us feel it would be a great idea, I’m sure we will try to make those happen in the future.  We have a lot of artists in our group who love to paint with other people and share their ideas and philosophies – it would be great to be able to bring in people to connect with us in such a personal way.

A’Damaged Pro – Any production or expansion goals for the near future?

Threyda Collective – We plan to expand at a rapid pace over the next few years, the sky is the limit!

A’Damaged Pro’s final words…

Digital Revolution. Even the words send chills down my spine. I’m not quite what’s going to be. I can’t even be certain about what’s actually happening right now. I can make assumptions. I can speculate. I don’t have to now that I’ve been introduced to the Threyda Collective. Their vision and communion inspire me to believe that all things are possible. If I was able to remove all of my insecurities, all internal mechanisms that would fault me from fully realizing my potential, I might not be any different than who I was before, but hopefully I would be able to see that growth was possible and full potential could be realized. The same applies to this collective. They thrive off each other. They inspire one another. Addition and multiplication but never division in order to complement. Ebb and flow. Ebb and flow. That attitude is the future and they’re already there.

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