State of the EDM Address

Why is our EDM culture… our community… OUR music growing so fast? How can we help it grow faster? How can we help spread the <3 ??? Check out Electronica Life’s own – Christian Alva – as he delivers the first, “State of the EDM Address”.

Hi guys and gals… Christian here. It’s no wonder why pioneers like Insomniac Events have created such a gigantic community of EDM listeners and party-goers. This music is powerful. So powerful, that people are sharing it with their friends via Facebook, twitter, youtube OR by telling stories of their adventures at events or DJ mixes they heard somewhere. It’s no wonder why Above & Beyond have blown up over the past three or so years and have touched so many lives with their therapeutic performances (and music). It’s called Group Therapy. This music has touched so many, and will continue to. EDM has a good thing going… and it’s a BELIEF that lives in all of us. I invite you to hear my, “State of the EDM Address” – a video message to why our music is growing so fast and how we can help it grow even faster…

Would LOVE to hear your stories of how EDM has changed your life… or inspired you! Please leave them in the comments below or email to!!! We are looking to feature some of them on our site!