STARX & Sultan Saunders Team Up For ‘THOTH’ – A Bass Thumping Festival Style Anthem

*written by Corey Schrade for Electronica Life

If you happen to be a hardcore electro fan that loves high-energy, adrenaline fueled dance music, then don’t stop the rave with “THOTH”, a collaboration between two powerhouse producers, STARX & Sultan Saunders. This record is a perfect Summer Anthem worthy of main stage display at any club or Festival worldwide. It’s drum heavy as the backbone with sharp synths patterns as the melody and a beautiful building chorus that raises your excitement all the way to the drop. When it drops you can’t help but feel the bass surge through you making it nearly impossible to sit still.

I can relate the spirit of “THOTH” to that overwhelming feeling of fireworks on a summer night. Definitely a knockout homerun from this duo and we hope they’ll continue with many more to follow. This release has the potential to become incorporated into festival sets worldwide and capture the attention of many listeners as well. With a release like this one as two independent producers, the potential and opportunities for the future are limitless. After you feel the energy of this wonderfully mixed production, you can’t help but be anxious to see what they’ll drop next.