Spotlight on Brightcell – Creating His Own Little Piece(s) Of Music

Tracy Hazelton aka “Brightcell”, first discovered electronic dance music at the age of just fifteen years old, years ahead of the majority age of today’s EDM scene. Producing music since 2009, Brightcell confidently credits Dance classics “Castles In The Sky” by Ian Van Dahl, and “Ecstasy” by ATB, as the tracks that inspired him to begin creating his own music – stating that, “I will always have a special place in my heart for trance.”

These days you can find the Texas native producing Electro and Electro-house, and performing at local shows in the Fort Worth area. Brightcell continues to work towards creating his “own little piece of music”, while bringing entertainment and musical art to anyone willing to listen, and to help the global dance music scene prosper in a positive light to create change in the world.

We’re all for what Brightcell brings to the table, and look forward to seeing what he creates in 2016. Take a listen to some of the sounds of Brightcell here…

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