Save the Night at Escape Wonderland – An Interview w/ Louis Vivet

*written by Vix for Electronica Life

To those who may not know, Louis Vivet is a new EDM duo of long time friends fresh in the spotlight of the Electronic world and beginning the long journey on the way to the very top. Their debut cover of the hit 90’s song ‘Save Tonight’ brought them major recognition from what is their current fan base, as well as won them a set slot time at Insomniacs very own ‘Escape Wonderland,’ one of the biggest music festivals in Southern California. Their skilled mixture of styles which they describe as “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde,” proved to enticed & electrify the attendants of Escape Wonderland. A mass crowd gathered to bear witness to the new sounds which Louis Vivet offers to the public & surpassed their expectations, seeming to encourage the duo to go above & beyond all expectations.

Vix – Who came up with the idea to cover ‘Save Tonight’?

Louis Vivet – It was actually Nicks (Louis Vivet member) idea. We were in the process of adding to our catalog of 8 songs, which are all originals, because we haven’t reworked or remix anything yet, but we didn’t really want to do a remix. We decided to just do a cover and we wanted something from the 90’s because who really does anything like that anyway (haha)? I (Nick), heard ‘Save Tonight’ at a party or something and was like “Oh my God!” and saved it into my phone.

Vix – Do you guys have any other upcoming projects?

Louis Vivet – Yeah, we actually got offered to do an art column that we can’t talk to much about, but we would basically be doing an art column where we tie together the concepts of fine art & music together. Art is really a part of out brand. We’re really trying to work with other artists and have them be inspiration for some of our songs based off their art or vice versa. We want to do something more experimental. We have to be more than music, we have to establish our identity and go beyond just making music.

Vix – How was the experience to play at Escape Wonderland?

Louis Vivet – It was pretty sick! You could see people listening to the vocals and they were like, “We know these vocals, but what is this? Where is this from?” There was a lot of people because we were right next to the entrance, so as people started to pour though the entrance and start to hear ‘Save Tonight’, they started to linger around the stage a lot more; it got pretty packed.

Vix – Do you guys have any upcoming performances?

Louis Vivet – Right now, no. We’re really just focused on our releases and building up a little hype before we go out and play club shows. For our mix on Soundcloud, we actually played about 6 of our unreleased songs, so if you want to check out our work, just listen through the mix.

Vix – Do you guys plan on releasing an EP anytime soon?

Louis Vivet – Yes! Our plan is to release another single and then our EP is coming out on Prep School Recordings. It’ll be two songs, and the cool thing is their complete opposites. It’s kind of like the light vs. dark or Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde type of thing so that EP is going to be really cool! People will have the opportunity to hear something new, something darker. We like to think we are both a little psychotic, but Nick would have to be the darker side if anything. We all have a little bit of “crazy” in us.

Vix – Have you guys noticed any changes in your fan base?

Louis Vivet – Our fan base has kind of doubled since the release of ‘Save Tonight’. We have people messaging us saying they heard the track and love it, which always feels good when people listen to your song. After escape we still hadn’t even released ‘Save Tonight.’ It came out 2 weeks after Escape, so a lot of people hit us up and said, “Thank you so much for playing ‘Save Tonight!’ Who remixes it?”, so we would tell them that we covered it.

Vix – So Nick, I hear you’re from New York. What brings you out to California?

Louis Vivet – I actually just went on vacation to NY to visit family and it was really fun. I came out here to go to USC to pursue music and it’s just FANTASTIC out here!

Vix – Do you guys have any goals for Louis Vivet?

Louis Vivet – We set ourselves yearly goals to bring us closer to our vision. For right now it’s pretty much just revolving around the “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” thing. We’re going to really get experimental with it; our art & our music we want to revolve around the “light vs dark” theme.

Vix – Do you guys have any big hopes for 2015?

Louis Vivet – We hope big things. We can only dream.

Vix – How did you guys meet?

Louis Vivet – We’re in the same fraternity together actually (haha). He (Nick) is actually my little bro and our manager is my (Aria) big bro, so it’s all just 1 giant family. If you told us a few years ago that we would all be working together on this project called “Louis Vivet,” we would have been like “What?”

Vix – Any hazing stories? (lol)

Louis Vivet –  We have a couple crazy hazing stories (haha).

Vix – Since ‘Save Tonight’ is a hit 90’s song, what are your TOP 5 (non-EDM) 90’s songs?

Louis Vivet – Oh! We can go on for days! Our TOP 5 is:

1. The Bad Touch – Bloodhound Gang

2. Blue – Apple 65

3. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

4. I Saw the Sun – Ace of Bass

5. Bailamos – Enrique Iglesias

Vix – What did your parents think about you performing at Escape Wonderland?

Louis Vivet – (Nick) My dad doesn’t really know about EDM so he was like “Great! Have fun.” My mom actually went to an Above & Beyond show a couple of weeks ago at Madison Square Garden (ABGT100) with my older brother. She tried to tell my dad about it but he had no idea what was going on. (haha)

(Aria) My mom was like “Oh Wait! You’re playing a show?! That’s so big! I’m so proud of you!” My dad has no idea about the show. (haha) I kind of try to keep the music and the family separate from my dad because I’m in law school so he would be a little mad about it.

Vix – Do you guys have a message for your fans?

Louis Vivet – “Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting ‘Save Tonight!’ We just really hope that we can get them excited for our new music to come out and get others excited as well. We’re working really hard to bring some new and creative stuff. We’re trying to bring something a little bit new to the scene. We will take what’s already been done and make it something new. Hopefully everyone loves it!”

Vix final words…

If you missed out on Louis Vivets set at Escape Wonderland, it’s not too late! You can check out their full set via Their Soundcloud as well as their very unique single debut ‘Save Tonight.’ This duo is in procession of talent that has yet to be seen in the world of EDM, and I can only hope that their music touches the souls of every Dance Music fan just as it has with mine. Stay tuned to the success & releases of these artists, as they are destined for greatness.