Ryan Farish’s “Spectrum” – A Kaleidoscope Of Emotion

*written by Cody Jandrok for Electronica Life

Spectrum has a very tropical, very chill vibe throughout and is absolutely perfect if you’re looking for study music that isn’t bogged down by mind-clouding vocals. The soundscapes are very dreamlike and make you feel like you’re floating above a chain of islands, looking down through fluffy clouds, down into crystal waters. If I could describe my own journey, it was that and more. I was sent diving through those waters, through incredible and gorgeous scenic underwater locations including a coral reef and even a sunken ship, with sun rays piercing the darkness and showing the beauty of all that surrounded me. It made me feel at peace with myself and with the world, it made me feel relaxed and calm, but also powerful and inspired.

I probably sound like I’m on some kind of drug, but the reality is music is my drug and Spectrum is a perfect example of why I’m addicted to it. Every sound, every piece of the songs were chosen carefully to create this incredible experience that will grasp anybody lucky enough to hear it. The level of production that went into creating this work of art shows me that there’s still hope when it comes to finding music that people can connect with. We’re so ingrained with festival bangers and which song has the sickest drop, but this album has neither of those and it’s still better than a lot of the music that gets mainstream attention these days.

At the time of writing, Ryan Farish only has 2500 followers on his Soundcloud page which I’m not surprised at honestly. He doesn’t present himself with a mainstream sound and allows the music to speak for him and his passion for it. After listening to the first track on this album, Ryan has a fan for life and I hope that those of you who get to listen to the whole thing listen well, because this is what real music sounds like and it’s what really deserves love and appreciation. No words can do justice for the amount of passion I recognize in the songs on this album.

Ryan Farish isn’t a name I’m familiar with, but boy have I been missing out! Going into this I didn’t know what to expect, and coming out of it I realized just how incredible music can be when it’s produced with such vigor and attention to detail. Ryan Farish has produced a masterpiece, a kaleidoscope of emotion came over me while listening to this 20 track compilation that sounds like it was ripped from God’s own playlist.

In conclusion, Spectrum is easily one of the best pure instrumental albums I’ve heard in a very long time. The level of detail and richness in the soundscapes presented hooked me immediately and instantly began jogging my imagination, conjuring incredible things that you can only really experience with the right mood. The mood presented with Spectrum is incredibly positive, incredibly inspirational and that’s why I believe everybody should give it a listen.

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