Reminiscing through A State of Trance

*written by Shimmy for Electronica Life
It was routine for me…

There I was, late into a Thursday morning in Los Angeles in 2001, with my Netscape Navigator pointed to the internet radio site Several thousand users from around the globe, with different backgrounds, different ethnicities, different cultures, were about to unify in the name of music. There was no iTunes, no Pandora, no Spotify. I used a program called Winamp since it allowed a higher bitrate than Windows Media Player when streaming the broadcast. Listeners online were already excited for the weekly radio show; the slang word “choon”, which was used to indicate a really good song, was already being used incessantly on the forums. The clock ticked 11:00 AM PT and the signature melodies began to kick in; it was time for A State of Trance.

The success and longevity of A State of Trance, or simply ASOT (if you want to sound like one of the cool kids) can be attributed to many factors. Armin Van Buuren, or simply AVB (these cool kids sure love acronyms), is a legend in the electronic music industry and has won a number of awards in his career. I have to admit before writing any further that AVB is one of my favorite DJs and producers of all time, so I may be a bit biased when I say that he is a true ambassador in the EDM world (if I had a “suck up” emoji or font, it would appropriately be used here).

Now approaching 700 episodes over 13 years, ASOT can be referred to as the “Simpsons” of the DJ podcast world. Even though ASOT is a bit of a misnomer nowadays, the majority of shows are filled with uplifting melodies and vocals that any trance addict, previous or current, can enjoy.

Fortunately, in today’s day and age, listening to ASOT doesn’t require setting an alarm clock on Thursdays. ASOT can regularly be found on Spotify or iTunes. Unsure as to which of the nearly 700 episodes to click play on? I recommend any of the “Year Mix” shows, where the Dutch legend has personally mixed together all of the hits of the preceding year. Don’t take it for granted, AVB has mentioned it takes months of planning to put together and then record that single show. From all of us in the EDM world, THANK YOU for the weekly free ASOT show and we hope for 700 more!

Forever Grateful,