Raving With John Dahlback (Interview) – Watch His New Video “Raven”!!!

*written by Crystal Garcia for Electronica Life

Fresh off the heels of a stellar performance at Avalon Hollywood, and a new track titled, “Raven” that is accompanied by a theatrical music video, Swedish DJ/ Producer John Dahlback has had quite the summer of success. We recently had a chance to catch up with the Armada label signed artist, to discuss all things present, past and future. Enjoy the interview below!

Crystal Garcia – You just performed at one of my favorite clubs, Avalon Hollywood last weekend. How did the night go?

John Dahlback – It was so good! I didn’t know what to expect since it was a long time ago that I played that venue, but I loved it.

Crystal Garcia – How do you think the LA electronic music scene differs from other parts of the world?

John Dahlback – Well, it’s a party crowd! Also it’s important to network in LA since there’s a lot of powerful people around, so people just love going out.

Crystal Garcia – I read that you were first signed at the tender age of 17 years old! That may be shocking to many, but considering that you grew up in a musical household, was music practically second nature to you as a teenager?

John Dahlback – It was always around. We used to listen to a lot to music at home, and also both my parents played a lot of instruments and we had a lot of instruments around in the house. I also used to travel with my parents to their shows. I used to sit on a chair for four hours listening to jazz music when I was a kid, so I guess music has played an important role in my life. As a teenager, I wanted to create my own music. At like 12-years-old, I used to do really bad hip-hop. Then that moved into house music at 13, 14-years-old.

Crystal Garcia – You were raised in Sweden, a country notorious for fostering and developing young talent such as yourself. What do you believe to be the recipe for success for Swedish DJs?

John Dahlback – We are very determined as a people. Also, to be creative is important for us since we have terrible weather and darkness for six months every year.

Crystal Garcia – What are a few of your most memorable moments of your career that spans over a decade?

John Dahlback – Musically, seeing underground tracks getting airplay on radio was huge for me, playing festivals for the first times was also really big! Then there are personal moments, like certain tracks I’ve done and so on.

Crystal Garcia – Let’s talk about your latest track “Raven.” I watched the official video and it was hilarious! What was the inspiration behind the flashback to 90’s rave culture as the theme for the video?

John Dahlback – It was actually my manager and me just talking video ideas in a hotel room in Montreal. And since raven has “rave” in it, I thought it would be funny if the raven turned ordinary people into ravers. [laughs]

Crystal Garcia – Were you ever one of those whistle tooting, kandi ravers yourself?

John Dahlback – I was more towards the total opposite. I never used to go out, so I came in straight from the music side and not the clubs. I was very focused when I started to release music that I didn’t want to do anything else.

Crystal Garcia – I also really enjoyed the video intro to “Raven,” are you a fan of Edgar Allan Poe?

John Dahlback – That was actually the video director’s idea and it fit perfectly!

Crystal Garcia – What are the upcoming plans in the life of John Dahlback for the rest of 2015?

John Dahlback – I’m going to finish the album I’m working on, which is close to actually being finished. After that I guess I’ll move on to the next one since I love being in the album-mode. It’s amazing to start thinking on how you want the album to sound, and then figure out that it didn’t at all sound like what you thought it was going to sound like after a while…

Crystal Garcia – Can you tell me one thing you’ve never said in an interview before?

John Dahlback – I’ve never really talked about my new haircut. I had super long hair for 8 years and then just cut it off. It was quite a big deal for me but I’m very happy about the result!

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