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*written by Shimmy for Electronica Life

Sometimes planning your outfit is almost as fun as planning which artists you’re going to see. Festival fashion means many things to many attendees, but if there is one rule of thumb is that there are no rules. Being able to be express yourself at an event with thousands of others is a feeling that the rest of society only gets during Halloween. Long gone are the days of Phat Pants and oversized t-shirts (and that was for women!) and say hello to fluffies, furries, and blinkies. I’m definitely not complaining.

I recently caught up with River Jangda at Raverswag.com, a site that can dress you head to toe in all the latest festival attire. From light up animal hoodies to kaleidoscope luminescence diffraction glasses, they really do live up to their motto as “The Authority in Party Fashion.”

Shimmy – Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day River. What is your position at RaverSwag and how did you get involved with the company?

River – I’m the co-founder and Director of Marketing. As a co-founder, I’ve been involved since the beginning way back in 2011.

Shimmy – So tell me, what is the story behind RaverSwag?

River – RaverSwag started when my friend and business partner Brad and I were in college. We were in the same fraternity and always looking for fun ways to win free stuff and make money. We entered into a random web design competition on campus one semester to try and see if we could win. We didn’t know too much about web development or design, but we thought we could win pretty easily just with our knowledge of how university competitions usually worked.

So we built a site called RaverSwag.com that sold stuff people would take or wear to raves, because we were having trouble finding this stuff ourselves. In order to win, we made the site completely functional, and even linked up a free PayPal account just in case the judges decided to test out the functionality. Looking back at it, the site was a total piece of crap, but we ended up winning the contest and the $5,000 prize. A couple days after we were announced as the winner, we actually got an order on the site. A couple days later we got another order, and then another. We had to order the items from the website we stole the pictures from and then ship them to the customers. I think we lost money on those few orders until we smartened up and bought a wholesale order.

After that we decided to keep the site up and even started adding more products. We realized that the music festival market was about to blow up in the US and we were in a good position at the right time to provide people with festival apparel and accessories that were hard to find, all in one place. We simply kept improving the site and adding more of the best products we could find from around the world, and here we are.

Shimmy – Raves and festivals are a booming industry, especially in the US. What are your current thoughts on the state of EDM?

River – It’s been a really exciting market for us to be in over the past three years. Not only because it’s booming, but because we’ve been raving for a few years now and we have such a passion for music festivals and dance music. I think we are just starting to reach a maturation phase for EDM-based festivals here in the US, but there are still new people entering the market at a high rate. People who are just starting to get into EDM, people who are going to their very first festival, and kids who are just turning 18 and finally able to attend these events.

What’s interesting about festivals in particular, though, is that we still have a long way to go until the US market is completely “saturated.” If you look at the UK, which probably has more music festivals per capita than any other country, their market wasn’t saturated until they had over 600 festivals per year. Then it got to a point where there were more festivals than the market demanded. But even then, if we compare the US and UK, our market won’t be saturated until we have over 3,000 per year and I don’t think we’re quite there yet. So for music festivals in general, and EDM in general, I think we’re still going to see a lot of growth until it’s all 100% mainstream.

Shimmy – What sets RaverSwag apart from your competitors?

River – RaverSwag.com is unique in a few different ways. First, we curate products and brands from across the world that our team finds and likes for our market base. So that allows us to add new products every single week so our customers always have something new to find, and you won’t find another place that sells our exact product mix all in one place. Next, since our team is still young, we still rave and party just as hard as most of our customers. So we go to the same events as them, we get to interact with them, and we have the same experiences as them. This allows us to really keep a finger on the pulse of our market so we can service them in the best way possible. We also have the best customer service in our industry and we offer free returns and exchanges on all of our products so our ordering experience is really positive.

Shimmy – We all remember our first time. What fashion advice do you have for someone attending his or her first rave?

River – That’s really what I love about music festivals and EDM in general: It’s really all about self-expression and you’ll find the community is very free-spirited. You can literally wear whatever you want. So browse our site and hopefully you’ll find some clothing or accessories that really grab your attention and get you excited. Then go crazy and create an outfit you really love. It’ll make your entire festival experience better than if you didn’t dress up, guaranteed.

Shimmy – What are the hottest current trends in rave fashion for both men and women?

River – We sell a ton of accessories actually. Stuff that lights up with LEDs or EL wire is very popular, mostly because it didn’t exist even just a year ago. Making yourself noticeable at night is really important to most festival goers, and we do a great job providing a lot of awesome products for that. Also popular right now are our new scrunch back booty shorts in all different styles for girls, and our all-over print shirts for guys.

Shimmy – What’s up next for RaverSwag?

River – We actually just launched a completely redesigned website about two weeks ago that we’re really excited about. It not only looks really clean but it’s also easier to navigate, log in and keep tabs on your account, and also earn RaverSwag Rewards for every order purchased. We’ve got some more new things up our sleeves for after the Holiday season, and as always we’ll be adding the hottest new products available on a weekly basis.

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