Playhouse Presents: Stafford Brothers 05-25-12 tickets

Playhouse Presents: Stafford Brothers 05-25-12 tickets

Artists: Stafford Brothers, S.Co, Dominic Carter & More tba!


The Stafford Brothers are destined to become household names. Widely respected by their peers

as the down-to-earth “mates” of the industry, like-minded corporate and industry players have

aligned themselves with this rising brand. The Stafford Brothers have embarked on sponsored

ambassadorships with brands such as Pioneer, XXXX Summer Bright Lager, amaysim,

Beats By Dre, Future Music Festival and many more.

The future looks bright with an eternal summer on the immediate horizon. Following the

biggest Australian tour to ever hit our shores (75 dates in 16 weeks), the Staffords will be

hitting Miami and LA with a European Summer in the making. Hold onto your seats people,

actually F#$k it! – get out of them completely, because the Stafford Brothers are

coming to a dance-floor near you…


Preview Tracks:

Stafford Brothers Feat. MDPC – Pressure

Stafford Brothers Feat. Ollie Jones – Falling (Starkillers Remix)