Pegboard Nerds take CONTROL of Avalon Hollywood!

*written by Vix for Electronica Life

Hailing from Denmark and Norway, is the versatile Dubstep duo Pegboard Nerds, whose “Uncaged” tour is taking them across all of North America. Known for putting their own flavor on almost all genres of EDM, seeing these two perform was an experience I refuse to forget. Anything seemed possible during their show, even marriage, as a club-goer proved by proposing in the middle of the Nerds’ set. Hear what the Nerds had to say, the experience they brought to the Avalon in Los Angeles, & the answer to a club-goers public proposal, all in the rest of this Electronica Life exclusive piece.

Vix – What attracted you guys into the world of EDM?

Nerds – Being exposed to electronic music on the radio and music stores, and thinking about how someone could make this music.

Vix – What would you guys say was your biggest career defining moment as the Pegboard Nerds?

Nerds – There’s a lot, it’s not all about producing music, but the performance itself. We had some really great experiences and some not so good experiences that also defines what you want to do in the future. I don’t think we can single out one thing.

Vix – What would you say sets you guys apart from other artists, that makes both of you so successful in today’s generation of dance music?

Nerds – I know we throw away a lot of stuff; we don’t just make a track and sell it. It’s our taste and our sense of what our music should sound like.

Vix – At the start of your careers as the Pegboard Nerds, were you categorized under a specific genre? Or was producing music from Dubstep to Hardstyle, and everything in between, what you guys planned on from the beginning?

Nerds – I think we were, and to a certain degree, still are categorized as a Dubstep act; which kind of pisses me off.” said Pegboard Nerd, Alex O, “But we can only blame ourselves for that. You know, that happens when you put out two, three, or four songs in a row which are Dubstep; you get categorized.

Vix – Out of all the genres the both of you have produced, which do you enjoy making the most?

Nerds – I used to like the fall to the floor thing, then it changed to 110 to 174 (BPM). It changed for Alex too, because he was more about the half time and now I like halftime.” Said Pegboard Nerd, Michael P.

Vix – Which artists are some of your inspirations?

Nerds – Crossfire and Skrillex; they are always on the forefront of pure engineering, sounds design, and looking forward.

Vix – Is there any upcoming projects that your fans should look forward to hearing from you?

Nerds – It’s not a secret anymore, but it’s the Excision collaboration. There’s also a Cash Cash collaboration, and then there’s a few of our projects that we will be previewing tonight.

Vix – Who are some artists that you guys look forward to performing with during your “Uncaged” tour?

Nerds – Varian, who is really talented, and Cash Cash. The cool thing about festivals, is that you can go check out other people’s work, meet other artists, and get to know them.

Vix – By the end of phase one of the “Uncaged” tour, what are you hoping to have accomplished?

Nerds – Having people who weren’t into EDM, become interested from our music and gaining new fans.

Vix – Besides phase two of the tour, what’s next for the Pegboard Nerds after you finish phase one? Any albums, EP’s, etc.?

Nerds – It’s just tracks, we’re not going to get into EP’s or albums yet. It doesn’t make sense for us because we need to have a consistent output. If you can do an album, like Porter Robinson, you have to take the time to do it because it needs consistency. It would be suicide for us at this point in time; maybe at a later time it would make sense.”
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To state the obvious, the Pegboard Nerds did exactly as LA had anticipated them to do: give yet another astonishing performance, which they achieved and then some. It being my first time at a Pegboard Nerds’ show, I was amazed by their versatility, and constant rage-hard energy.

Switching between the broad spectrum of EDM genres, the music never disappointed and without a doubt, kept everyone on their toes and guessing “what could possibly come next?

The Pegboard Nerds showcased a few of their unreleased tracks; one of which was their “Banjo” track, that when played, had the crowd jumping for more, despite the mixed reactions the Nerds had told me they’ve received on it so far. Interacting with the crowd and showcasing their incredible talent, the duo made sure no one could resist moving their bodies and throwing their hands in the air in support of the energetic performance before them.

The Nerds even gave a special shout-out to a lucky club-goer who proposed to his now fiancé, while the Pegboard Nerds’ remix of “Live For the Night” was playing. The recognition from the Pegboard Nerds about the proposal (which she said “yes” to) really warmed my heart and made that night even more special not only to the happy couple, but quite possibly the Nerds’ as well. The Pegboard Nerds have definitely made their mark on the world of dance music and have given me a better perspective on clubbing in LA compared to SoCal festivals. After the experience they brought to CONTROL Fridays hosted by the Avalon, the Pegboard Nerds can only be expected as return performers in LA’s dance scene in the near future.
Photos by Alyssa Mendoza