One Unforgettable Journey Into the Desert: Zero Point Festival 2014

*written by Lizzie Moore for Electronica Life

It was about 11pm when I found myself driving down a dark road in the middle of the desert towards what would soon become one of the most spontaneous and meaningful weekends of my life. I had been given the opportunity to attend Zero Point festival in Las Vegas. I asked a friend if she would be interested in attending with me, and within an hour we had decided that Zero Point would be our next adventure. With a lineup featuring many local DJ’s from Las Vegas along with electronic downtempo pioneers Desert Dwellers, we entered the desert with open minds, ready to hear a lot of new music.

We finally arrived after a 5-hour drive from Phoenix, and were told to park in a lot adjacent to the venue. Proceeding onto the grounds we asked a passerby where we were supposed to camp, to which he responded, “what do you mean? Camp wherever you like.” It became clear in that moment that we were rookies and had no idea what to expect for the days ahead. After setting up our tent and cracking a celebratory beer with our neighbors, we decided to explore the grounds. Zero Point was located in a unique venue nestled in the desert of Nevada called the Delphi Amphitheater.

There were many features that made this festival unique, including a dome in the middle of the venue called the “Shamans Tent” that featured a new kind of “EE system” technology designed by a woman named Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. The festival was the first of it’s kind to be held within a Zero Point energy field.  TV’s emitting frequencies bordered the tent amplifying the energy of anyone who spent time within it. The energy within this field is supposed to be able to reverse aging and ailments, align the chakras, and as stated on the website “create a space where miracles can and will happen.” Additionally, the event was run on solar power and emphasized a focus on maintaining the environment and making sure to leave no trace at the venue.
Two stages on either end of the venue were playing 24/7, with sunrise sets that were just as energetic as their sunset counterparts. I was impressed with most of the sets I caught, including Mark Farina, Antennae, Desert Dwellers, and countless local artists. The people in the crowd were vibing with each other, respecting the space and leaving room for everyone to enjoy themselves.

The emphasis was more on sharing the area and creating an atmosphere than it was on being upfront by the DJ booth, which was a refreshing change from larger festivals. One thing I noticed about the people that attend these desert events- they definitely know how to get down. It was rare to find someone sitting still the whole weekend. The energy was pulsating like the entire universe was participating in the celebration, you could feel the bass in your bloodstream bumping throughout the entire venue, and the hours past in what seemed like minutes.

The biggest turn out was on the second night when most of the major headliners played until the sun came up. Antennae, an innovative DJ from San Francisco began his set well past one am, but the party was far from over. His soulful yet trippy remixes really started to set a funky mood as the night got colder but the energy grew higher. I had listened to some of Santa Fe duo Desert Dwellers music before on their Soundcloud but was blown away hearing it live.

Their music was a perfect soundtrack pulsing through the night practically begging all of the beautiful souls at the event to gather under the desert sky on one wavelength. Many people I spoke to said they had seen Desert Dwellers before but this set far bypassed those times. Perhaps it was the small and intimate venue… Or perhaps it was Dr. Sandra’s energy dome, but there was a magical connection in the Delphi Amphitheater that night, inexplicably linking everyone to each other, to the earth, and to the universe itself.
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We had the pleasure of becoming friends with a few of these local artists, and I’ve included links to their work below for anyone looking to check out new music. Not only were these guys down to earth and wonderful people, but also threw down sets that I predict we will be hearing in much bigger venues in the future.

The sound system featured at the main stage was custom built, and the quality was vastly better than many I have experienced because of the passion and articulate care put into their production. They are put together, piece by piece by speaker visionary Hon Solo in order to ensure the best experience for the attendees, in his words, “it’s not about being the loudest, it’s about the quality.” He goes as far as to align the layout of the stages at an exact angle so that the moon and stars will rise above it and the clear desert landscape radiates with sound for miles.

Zero Point was so special not only because of the event itself but the community that it represented. It became clear to us throughout the weekend that this was a family. Everyone seemed to know each other and it felt like a family reunion that we were somehow lucky enough to score an invite to. Every person we encountered was welcoming and the energy emanating from everyone we met was warm and abundant.

“Zero Point is designed to bring the community together by offering a healthy playground with all the perks of life that make you smile, educational information that expands perceptions, and a space to move freely in the expression of dance,” said festival founder Michael Scalar, “Zero Point is a platform for evolution through the transference of energy and growth of our family.”  The event truly was a gathering of humans who have figured out how to connect with each other on a much deeper level than words or sounds. Music is what brings them together, but energy is what keeps them together.
“Epyk Entertainment”, a company involved in throwing Zero Point, started as a crew of friends that turned into a family that eventually started throwing events. “From these events a remarkably connected community of individuals has formed. We bring this community to every event we reach inspiring other to be who they truly are within without the fear of judgment or hate.”

The company’s co-founder Steve MacWithey explains, “We take every opportunity to pursue this passion and take our love to a new level. We can’t stop and won’t stop this vision of changing the world one person at a time. Changing lives with music, inspiring change through dance.”

There was a moment that weekend that I was physically standing on top of a mountain looking down at the festival below me. I realized I had stumbled into something much bigger than a music event, I had stumbled into a culture. I look forward to the great things this group of people will be able to manifest within the electronic music event industry in the future, and I can only hope I get to be present to experience it.
Connect with the DJ’s: Demarco Cruz | L Boogie | Jeremy Espinosa | Brett Rubin and Violin Girl