“Once In A Life” Tritonal Remix Review

“Once In A Life” Tritonal Remix Review

“Once In A Life” originally produced by Kyau & Albert, remixed by Tritonal…

“Whoever said, “Electro killed Trance”, never met Kayau & Albert. Not only have they restored the life of vocal trance to a high level of euphoria with their hit single “Once In A Life”, but they also have restored faith back into many trance lovers! The Tritonal Remix once again gives it a smooth baseline Tritonal is known for! No need to dial 911 here! There are extra life lines for all the party goers.” -DJ Trevi of the Electronica Life

“Is two better than one? In the case of Tritonal, the answer is yes. The trance duo has added their unique heavy bassline to an already amazing Kyau & Albert track. The Kyau & Albert – Once in a Life (Tritonal Remix) will be featured on the forthcoming 15 years of Kyau and Albert album. Be sure to be keep your eyes open for the track under Euphonic Records in the coming weeks. – Dj Charlie Green

You can buy the original Kyau & Albert mix here on Amazon


You can buy here on Beatport

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