Nocturnal Wonderland 2011 Review Issue #16

The Electronica Life
Issue #16 09.29.11

“I’m the one that has to die
when it’s time for me to die,
so let me live my life, the way
I want to” – Jimi Hendrix

Greeting E.L. fam!

As said in our previous email,
it was quite a weekend at Nocturnal
Wonderland! We were fortunate
enough to have press passes and
get backstage/frontstage to get some
cool pix and also video footage of
a lot of different Djs ;]

So we have a Nocturnal review for
you… and also an important party

———Begin review here————

Lets start with Friday, day 1 of Nocturnal!

Day 1 there was 4 of us out and about getting
to different areas and we were fortunate enough
to see W&W, Arty, Avicii, Gareth Emery, Aly &
Fila and 12th Planet just to name a few…

Day 1 was definitely less crowded than day 2 of
the party but it was definitely more fit for the people
that were dedicated to partying their asses off!!

When we got to the NOS center, we were in really
quickly and ready to go get a couple drinks before
we made our ways to the different 3 areas.

First we caught up with W&W at the Labyrinth
who set off the party right with their uplifting, hard
and yet etheral beats.

Check out this 12 minute clip of them here:

After going back and forth to the VIP a couple times
for some more drinks we headed back to see Arty
who blew away the crowd… it was definitely a
trance all-star night ;] Arty was definitely holding it
down for the Anjunabeats fam!
***Enter Mix Master Myles Review of Arty here***

On September 23rd 2011, we witnessed a
magic at Nocturnal Wonderland. From
the time it started till the whole thing ended
was just amazing. The noticeable artist that
stuck out to us is a fairly new DJ from
“Mother Russia”. He has really done some
great singles & productions for just this year,
with such singles as “Zara”, “Around The World”
& his famous rework of Ferry Corsten’s Punk
(Rock n’ Rolla Remix)… if you don’t know who
I am talking about well I’ll let you in on a little secret
about the young Trance Genius Arty.

Once 9:30 had hit on my phone I did not know
if either I should expect hype or expect greatness.
Besides W&W just rocked the Labyrinth, so I had
high expectations ;] So once Arty was on stage he
started his set off with his new single “Kate” &
the room went completely black with nothing but
small lasers shot at the top of the tent. Then once
the first drop of the song came the whole tent lit up
like it was Christmas and the whole crowd went
ballistic. Arty was quite excited to be there as well
with his big grin and was jumping for the crowd to
cheer him on as they did with such enthusiasm.

So from that night on he had the whole crowd to
himself playing most of his hits and even mixing it
up with some house and electro just to get the crowd
up. For that whole 90 minutes, it was just pure bliss
of trance and was very uplifting to the people singing
and chanting to songs. The energy in that tent was just
indescribable and it truly was such an experience for us.

Check out this epic 13 minute clip of Arty with his mash-up
remix of Jason Derulo’s “What You Say” with “Zara”

And here’s a clip of when we were backstage filming
Arty playing Above & Beyond’s “Satellite”:

After Arty, we caught up with Gareth Emery and
even got a photo with him, here’s George from
E.L. with Gareth…

George and Gareth Emery at Nocturnal Wonderland 2011

George and Gareth Emery at Nocturnal Wonderland 2011

Gareth Emery had it on lock too…
like we said, it was a trance all-star
night ;] Check out some behind stage
footage with the “dragon”comin through
the stage…

We caught some of Aly & Fila’s set
as well… and man the crowd was mos
def hyped for their show! ;]

We also caught up with Avicii a little
before Aly & Fila went on and he had the
crowd bumpin too…

Avicii backstage here:

*ok side not here

If you guys missed Nocturnal period…
You really missed out on the AMAZING
setup the main stage had… you’ll see some
more footage on the stage a lil later ;]

We also caught the tail-end of 12th Planet’s
set and will have a more detailed review a little
later ;] But, we can say that the room that
12th Planet played in (the Sunken Garden)
got super packed as soon as 12th took the stage!
Shouts to 12th for doin big things for the Los
Angeles Dubstep scene!

There’s a lot more to be reviewed for day 1 and
we’ll add more a little later, so be sure to check
back here in the next few days…

So day 2 in our opinion totally trumps day 1…
and it wasn’t the music per se, but just more
of the vibe. There was definitely a lot more
people at Saturday’s party… probably nearly
double than day 1.

In fact day 2 as many of you know hosted five
stages as opposed to day 1’s three stages. We
got to the party about 5pm and again headed
straight in – more of a line today, but extremely
speedy. *hats off to insomniac for making the
line experience a better one than some of the
past parties.

Once inside we took to Lisa Lashes bangin it
out at the Labyrinth, check the footage here:

*note, most footage from here on out is in HD
qulaity… enjoy ;]

Ok, now here’s the deal, if you missed Nocturnal,
you have to check out this video of Morgan Page
rockin the main stage! This video right here, pretty
much sums up the main stage setup and is definitely
the reason why you don’t want to miss one of their
next parties:

Morgan really did rock the main stage… he’s
been one of our favorites even before he was big.
Funny story on Morgan, one of his first gigs here
in LA was at some small restaurant bar/lounge
when playing on a computer was weird. Then
shortly after that, we ran into Morgan again at
Focus (in OC) where he played and we askem
for a mix CD and he told us to hittem up on
Myspace… LOL that’s old school right there.
Morgan’s a good guy and def one to watch as
he cranks out sought out production after

Now we move on to someone who we have
never seen before but was quite impressive
with his techy, deep house beats… Tiefschwarz
in the Upside Down room. If you have never
heard of Tief, you really need to check out
this video where hes playing some banging,
funky, techy tunes…

Now for the people that like to shuffle
everyday… here’s some footage of the Bass
Jackers at the Queens Grounds:

We then ran back to the Labyrinth
to catch Kyau & Albert where they
were playing “Promises” by Andain.
Check out the footage here:

Kyau & Albert definitely have
that etheral sound where the crowd’s
just in a wave/cloud like rhythm floating
above the rest… we really <3 their sound.

Now, here’s some really cool footage
of the crowd at Alice’s House from
Saturday… the crowd was going crazy
and having a great time… loved
the vibe in that area, check it:

Next up we have Sean Tyas… and man
if you have never seen Sean, then the next
time hes in town, GO SEE HIM. Sean is
an amazing Trance artist and keeps the BPM
up and BUMPIN! Check the vids…

Sean Tyas 10 Min Clip:

Sean Tyas 5 Min clip of crowd with Koi:

Sean Tyas 9 Min ending clip:

And you know we had to get a picture
with Sean! ;] Here’s Christian Alva
from E.L. and Sean…

Christian and Sean Tyas at Nocturnal Wonderland 2011

Christian and Sean Tyas at Nocturnal Wonderland 2011

Moral of the story… GO SEE SEAN! ;]

Up next we have some footage for you
from the Manufactured Superstars…

We caught the end of Gabriel & Dresden’s
set right before Sebastian Ingrosso went
on, check them playing a remix of their
“Tracking Treasure Down”:

Download Gabriel & Dresden’s live
set from Nocturnal Wonderland 2011:

Next up we have Sebastian Ingrosso
with some great footage of Nigel
doing what he does best… NIGEL.

*side note, did anyone see the
laser show going off at the Labyrinth?

Another artist worth checking out
is Victor Calderone… he was layin
down some phat beats in the Upside
Down room:

Next up, we have some stellar footage
and a review from George of Electronica

Life of Cosmic Gate who absolutely
tore the roof of the Labyrinth!

Nocturnal Wonderland 2011, what can we say?
It was epic, fun, great, and just simply amazing.
This years event was so much fun, in my opinion
it was betters then last years, and thats saying
something. Their whole stage setup was looking
fantastic and the DJs were off the hook. But the
one artist, or should I say two, that absolutely
made my weekend were Cosmic Gate. Being a
fan of them since 2007, I’ve have always wanting
to see them and every time I tried to, something
was in the way. But this time I had to see them live.
And so I did

After watching Sebastian Ingrosso fuck shit up at
the main stage I walked over to the Labyrinth tent
and caught the last 40 minutes of Cosmic Gates set.
The energy in that room was off the charts, seeing
everybody in a daze and putting their hands up the
air was magical.

They happened to play Above and Beyond’s
“Thing Called Love”, when I walked in and
as soon as the crowd heard it the whole place
went nuts. Cosmic Gate had the fans singing from
wall to wall and not skipping a beat. I looked around
and saw smiles on peoples faces which happens to take
me into a wonderful state. Feeling the love of the people
and the music had you feeling like you were at home,
like you belonged, like it was heaven. It was perfect.

“Fire Wire” dropped right after and it literally
made the people jump out their socks. The bass on
that track kept my ears ringing for days on end, it was
one of those “Holy Shit” moments that you’ll never forget.
I caught myself jumping up and down while fist pumping
in the air to the song, it was too crazy not to. Once again
the energy had me going up in the air non stop.

The final track the legendary trance group played
was “Exploration of Space (Back 2 The Future
Remix)”. When you hear the the Synth creeping
up on you it gets you pumped and you just start
to loose it. My eyes closed and I just let the music
take me, in all honesty I shed tears when the song
was playing. Hearing this track brought back memories
of my first party as a youngster barely getting into the scene,
it was magic once again. Having my best friend by my side made
the whole experience even better and this was her first time seeing
or hearing Cosmic Gate. And before you knew it you heard the
words “Exploration of Space” and the whole tent stage
ERUPTED with at least a couple thousand fans jumping
in the air at the same-time, it was incredible to witness
that live. Throwing my hands up in the air while dancing
to the music made me feel like an angel flying to heavens
doors.All the problems in the world went away for those
few minutes.

It’s small moments like these that will last a life time…

Nocturnal Wonderland in my opinion was the second
best event of 2011 right under EDC Las Vegas.
Cannot wait for my next Insomniac Event.

Check out this vid from right
before they go on:

We also have some great footage of
Emma Hewitt performing live with
Cosmic Gate… and watch for when
the confetti blasts through the crowd!

Now, arguably a lot of people
were at Nocturnal to see Kaskade.
{!firstname} were you one of them?

Check the beginning of his set here:

Here’s some footage from back stage…

Like we said, we’ll have some more
reviewing in the next few days on
our site, so be sure to check back there! ;]

We also have a guest review… keepem coming!

“Nocturnal Wonderland 2011 was my very first rave ever.
The minute you walk in you hear blaring music in all
directions, you see all of the people drssed so interestingly,
and then the decorations are amazing! They have set up
the entire rave to appeal to all of your senses, and its amazing.
The music is so loud that you feel it in your entire body.
It is a whole new level of music with all the lights going
crazy in every direction. Everyone is there to have a good
time, so it is just filled with love. As for my expirience
Sebastian Ingrosso and Kaskade made the most perfect sets.
The music was so intense, I had never felt so happy in my life!
And in the garden area with the lake was this awesome glass
contrations with lights in it that went to the beat of the music
in that area. There was also a whole tree made out of lights!
it was so amazing. OVERALL, i think this is litterally a certain
heaven on earth, I’d do anything to keep that night on repeat :D”

– Jalene Sanchez from facebook

***Thanx Jalene for the review!***

———-end review——————

Now, onto some more exciting news!

We and Global Dance Electronic are
throwing a Thank You party for supporting
us! We are excited to announce that the
party will be on Saturday, Oct 22nd, 2011
at the House of Blues in Anaheim, Ca.

This will be a Halloween themed party, so
be sure to come dressed! Music will be
provided by:

Kemal who has produced remixes for
Kaskade, Jason Derulo and Ciara just
to name a few.

We are also going to have Nic Alvarado
of come through
and lay down some phat house beats.

Sub-headlining Kemal and Nic are
The Storytellers Music who have most
recently been featured in 944 magazine
for their innovative audio/video project.
Look for these guys to throw in some
multi-genre beats for your listening

Also, we are going to have a contest
for someone to win the chance to be
the opening DJ at the party. Will it
be you? More details coming really
soon on this! Wouldn’t you like to DJ
at the House of Blues?! Stay tuned!

Tix go on sale real soon and we’ll have
a limited amount of tix for just $10, so
be sure to get them ASAP before they
sell out!

That’s it for right about now…

Talk soon!

– The Electronica Life Team

P.S. Oh and we forgot to mention…
At our Thank You Party, we are going
to be giving away tickets to both Escape
From Wonderland and Monster Massive!
All you have to do to be in the running for
the tickets is be there at the party ;]

P.S.S. Did you see the DAY GLOW party
coming up?! HOP ON THIS NOW, this
will be in the running for PARTY OF THE

Tickets here:

P.S.S.S. The weather is warming up
for Wet Electric this weekend at Wild
Rivers water park featuring The Crystal
Method + many more!

Tickets here:

P.S.S.S.S. – Ok, last P.S.
Tiesto is playing at the home depot
center… this is the first time an EDM
event will be there… will you be a part of
history with Tiesto?!

Tickets here:

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