No Escape Once The Trap Has You – A Look Into Partysquad and gLAdiator at Republic New Orleans

*written by A’Damaged Pro for Electronica Life

How does a tradition start and who must ensure that it can endure? New Orleans knows the answer to both of these questions. The answers are one and the same, simple yet profound. Bring phenomenal music to the masses, on a regular basis, in a safe environment. Republic New Orleans goes international and delivers another massive dose of “Trap Medicine.”

Put away your Farmer’s Almanac. There was no need to check the stars to see if they had aligned. The prophecies were true. Just because you didn’t know about it doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening. Republic New Orleans, in conjunction with EDMutual, Xero Entertainment, and PoorBoyz Productions, orchestrated another global version of “Trapstar Gumbo.” Nola, Cali, and the Netherlands under one roof, united for the sole purpose of making the audience leave yesterday behind and embrace the night.

“Check your inhibitions at the door and let go of the concept, ‘home team.’” Why do I need to let go? Because, here, you’re safe, and if you pay attention the rest will all make sense soon enough. A night of transcendence and communion shall ensue.

Do you shuffle or do you bounce? Whether you were off the walls or owned your six inches, these “Ambassadors of Trap” guided you one-by-one through a hip-hop rabbit hole. There was no warm-up. The Nola boys, Dj Short Circuit, DXXXY, and Kid Kamillion, were the first three acts to the stage and they did not hesitate to drop bombs, sending the crowd into a frenzy. By the time The Partysquad, two of Holland’s thriving superstars, took their place behind the 1’s and 2’s, even the walls were dripping pure energy. EDMutual’s own Matt Ford admitted that he had always wanted to see them live. He was beaming with pride and visibly happy that his personal choice to enlighten the natives was so well-received. I loved watching people trying to compose themselves during the final lull of the evening before the gents from LaLa Land, in the form of gLAdiator, assumed their battle poses. Alas, there wasn’t enough time. The dance floor became a battle field as digital salvos were delivered without regard.

There was no need to argue over who went the hardest. The crowd showed love throughout. Without conflict there was only bliss. Dramatically oversimplified analysis? Perhaps. Why question a motive of overwhelming peace? Progression. Reckoning. Paradigm shift. Take your pick. The terminology is inconsequential because the true meaning resonates: New Orleans is embracing cooperation as it solidifies its role as a forerunner in an electric world.