EDC Las Vegas 2016 Lineup Art

More than 250 dance music artists will perform across brand new stage designs and art cars

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Insomniac, the producer behind North America’s largest dance music festival, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), has released the most anticipated artist announcement of the year, celebrating 20 Years Under the Electric Sky. EDC Las Vegas is scheduled to return to Las Vegas Motor Speedway June 17 – 19 with more than 250 of the world’s top dance music artists set to perform across spectacularly designed stages. Illustrating the diversity of the dance music community, the lineup draws upon an eclectic selection of international dance music artists who will help shape the incredible energy at the three-day experience.

“A milestone anniversary like this deserves a very special lineup, and we’ve got an incredible mix of top talent, on-the-rise names, old-school legends, and artists who have never played the festival before,” said Pasquale Rotella, Founder and CEO of Insomniac. “We’ll also be introducing extended set times that will allow DJs to really take our Headliners on a journey—and of course some specially curated 20th anniversary surprises that people will remember for years to come.”

Taste The Sounds Of Finnish “Lonkero” by Joonas Hahmo


After allowing fans to name his next release via a social media poll, Finnish Producer and DJ, Joonas Hahmo introduces “Lonkero.” The single is named after a Finnish alcoholic drink called Hartwall Original Long Drink, which is nicknamed Lonkero and is of course, Joonas’s favorite drink. Fans have taken note of his love affair with the drink consisting of gin and grape juice, with the majority voting it as the most aptly titled name for the new track.

Lonkero is a melody driven single chock full of happy undertones with a euphoric lead. A fluid flowing beat permeates throughout as the complex sounds suddenly slow down halfway in, creating a soulful expression with emotive background lyrics. Just as quickly as the beats slowed down, they quickly arise with catchy hooks and piercing stabs as the bassline closes out the track in a flurry of synth fueled explosions.

Lonkero recently received rave reviews after debuting on Above & Beyond’s ABGT 182, and is OUT NOW on Hahmo Recordings as an exclusive Beatport release, as well as all other outlets on 6/6.



BRLY LGL “Back It Up” with a remix on Kannibalen Radio

Production duo BRLY LGL is here to smack you in the face with some bass. The Los Angeles and Las Vegas based pair of Rob de Large and Hannah Bo are coming out swinging with “Back It Up”. Inspired by the recent events surrounding UFC fighter Conor McGregor, BRLY LGL wasted no time in turning out this hard hitting, bone breaking track. Featuring samples of McGregor’s infamous interview bits, “Back It Up” is guaranteed to get your blood pumping and fists flying. BRLY LGL is coming off the release of “Ghetto Embellishment”, which amassed over 200k plays in its first 10 days last month and served as a follow up to “Real Talk” back in December.



tyDi Is Back In Action With “All I Ever Knew”

tyDi is back with his brand new single “All I Ever Knew” featuring the vocals of Cameron Walker. Following up on his successful releases “Redefined” and “Oceans” tyDi seems to never slow down.

“All I Ever Knew” takes you on a journey combining acoustic guitars with breathy vocals and a drop that’s sure to get any club going crazy. Download the new single on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

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Give a Beat Launches “On a New Track”, A Music-Powered Crowdfunding Campaign To Help the Formerly Incarcerated

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Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise Money For Give a Beat’s Entrepreneur Mentorship Program Connecting Formerly Incarcerated Individuals with Music Industry Pros,
May 13 – June 24, 2016

Give a Beat, a nonprofit organization that serves as a catalyst for social change by bridging the dance music community with youth and families impacted by mass incarceration, will launch “On a New Track,” a crowdfunding campaign, which will run from May 13 through June 24, 2016 to raise money for a new initiative linking formerly incarcerated individuals with mentors from the music industry. The fundraising campaign will coincide with Give a Beat’s presence at West Coast Weekender (May 13th – 15th) and Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival aka Movement Festival (May 28th – 30th).

On a New Track –
The crowdfunding campaign has a goal of raising $15,000 to develop a groundbreaking entrepreneur mentor program designed to provide individuals leaving prison with opportunities for creative economic self-sufficiency in an effort to prevent recidivism.Please check it out here:

Background on the Issues:
According to the Prison Policy Initiative, 700,000 people are released from prisons every year and face an array of obstacles such as job discrimination, job scarcity, large debt accrued during incarceration, and disqualification from college, housing and food assistance. This coupled with the stats that almost 68% of individuals are rearrested within 3 years of their release and just about 77% within 5 years, the options are few and far between. For this reason, Give a Beat is developing an entrepreneur mentorship program so that these individuals have a meaningful way to gain employment and positively contribute to their communities.

Background on Give a Beat:
Founded in 2014, Give a Beat works to harness the power of the dance music community towards actionable solutions that address the issues of youth and families impacted by incarceration. We are a community of music lovers, musicians, artists, activists, promoters and entrepreneurs who create tangible opportunities for impact in vulnerable communities around the United States. Music is our inspiration, mode of communication, and conduit for change. In addition to our new initiative that seeks to start an entrepreneur mentorship program, Give a Beat has other programs that use the power of music to heal from trauma caused by the impact of mass incarceration on at-risk communities. For the past year, Give a Beat has held numerous DJ workshops for youth in collaboration with several organizations including A Place Called Home, Boys and Girls Club, and Girls Rock Detroit and is working on expanding this successful program across the United States. In addition, Give a Beat has been diligently working to form broad coalitions with various nonprofit organizations that are pushing for criminal justice reform. Lastly, Give a Beat has been actively engaged in educating the dance music community on the issues of mass incarceration through publishing interviews, blog and social media posts, and putting together events and panels in an effort to broaden the dialogue and get more people engaged and active on the issue. On a New Track’s featured sponsor is DJ Times. Other sponsors include Liaison Artists, Subpac, Green Galactic, and Fusicology. Promotional partners include Electronic Music Alliance (EMA), Culture Vulture, Dax Presents,, Universal Rhythm and GL&M Productions. Artist Champions include: The Crystal Method, Chuck Daniels, Nappy G, Lisbona Sisters, Marissa Guzman, and Sandra Izsadore.

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Edm Biz Announces Additional Programming & Keynote With Armin Van Buuren

Insomniac unveils additional programming slated for the 5th Annual EDMbiz Conference & Expo, taking place Tuesday, June 14 through Thursday, June 16 at Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. In addition to previously announced speakers, this year’s EDMbiz will feature a headlining keynote from renowned producer Armin van Buuren, and an in-depth discussion with Rob Light and some of CAA’s top agents during the Meet the Agency panel. EDMbiz will also be introducing a one-of-a-kind mentorship program hosted by Little Empire Music and SkyLight. This year’s EDMbiz will feature two distinct stages with a new programming experience, encompassing the conference’s three cornerstones: Experience, Technology and Aspiration. Audiences can expect the range of speakers and sessions to tackle the most pressing issues facing the dance industry today head on.

“We want to curate discussions that cover every facet in our industry,” said Pasquale Rotella, Insomniac Founder and CEO. “From the fans, to the entrepreneurs, to the artists, this year’s topics explore the questions being asked at every level of the business about where we are and what we can expect next. We’re extremely fortunate to have such a diverse, impressive group contribute to these panels.”

A few of the panels taking place and the ones we’re most excited to sit in on include:

– After the Drop: Where Do We Go From Here? The State of Dance Music

– Beyond the Boys’ Club: What’s Next for Women in Dance Music

– Billboard Dance Power Players 2016 Presentation

– Building the Next Big DJ

– Drugs in Dance Music: It’s Time for the Industry to Act

– Keynote: Pasquale Rotella

– Keynote: Bob Lefsetz, Author Lefsetz Letter

– Keynote: Armin van Buuren

– Show/Business: Entrepreneurs in Dance Music

Amidst a schedule packed with contemporaries sharing business insights and building relationships, Little Empire Music and SkyLight will team up to bring a different kind of collaboration to a dynamic environment aimed at building promise for our future. Little Empire, a music management company, founded by Stephanie LaFera, teamed up with music executive Kerri Mason in 2013 to develop SkyLight; aimed at supporting young females in the music business through mentorship, conference exchange and internship placement programs. Through focused mentorship sessions at EDMbiz, executives from the business will guide students in a personalized mentoring program designed to empower young mentees to understand a diverse range of topics pertaining to careers and business in the dance music industry. Advance sign-up for mentor sessions will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

As part of the returning EDMbiz A&R Contest, Insomniac Records, Discovery Project, and a hand-selected panel of EDMbiz judges will examine dozens of submissions to help elevate the exposure of a few lucky dance music hopefuls. From the submissions, four finalists will be selected to attend EDMbiz and, subsequently, two finalists will be chosen as grand-prize winners, filling two of Insomniac’s Discovery Project slots at Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas.

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Further Future Feels : A Review Of The 2016 Edition

*written & photographed by Lizzie Rose for Electronica Life


Further Future has received a lot of heat lately. It’s been talked about over the last week following its second year like that kid in your high school class who got the part you wanted or the GPA .000001 higher than yours, but whose parents “must have donated a lot of money to the school”. Bitterly speculating that because someone was of a privileged status was equivalent to them not working as hard or truly deserving it, or that privilege was why he or she wasn’t authentic. Privilege was less of a requirement last weekend at Further Future though, and more of a sense of hope for raising our standards of living in the future. What if we could change the world for the better so that everyone had more privileges? Aren’t humble privileges a good thing? Change is always inspired by the most radical examples of the desired outcome.

Let’s get a few things straight: A review of Further Future by a working class artist.

The producers of Further Future truly worked their asses off to create a complete a highly anticipated and successful event. Further Future was undoubtedly one of the more unique festivals of the season this year. Further Future was a showcase of forward thinking in fashion, technology, sustainability, and design. It had the air of exclusivity with the warmth of inclusivity. By this I don’t mean that you weren’t invited to the party, I mean that once you were in you understood how lucky you were to be there.


If you weren’t there, imagine a modern and sophisticated oasis in the desert… The atmosphere was everything. This festival was extravagant in all of the right ways. Each detail of the festival’s ambiance was planned and mapped out with pride, from a giant blow up of the iconic Further Future robot head to the robot heart art car that I had experienced previously during Burning Man sunrises. The venue dripped of sleek design and next level thinking, with pods that resembled nests lined with pillows elevated in an amphitheater design around the main stage and the giant Robot aligned in front of the sunrise. Glamping- or high quality camping options were available for upgrading the conditions of traditional camping.

People weren’t mean. Sounds crazy right? Imagine that. Genuine connections happened all around me and to me personally as well. I met people that laughed with me, and people that shared emotions with me as well. The music was incredible, from Caribou to Claptone, to Nicolas Jarr. A whole bunch of soul by The Pharcyde, Robot Heart sunrises with special 3D effects on screen, and Lee Burridge representing that Desert Hearts vibe.


Once you were part of “the club”, you are part of “the club” for life. When I first arrived at Further Future, I felt like there was a really awesome club I wasn’t a part of. Everyone looked like they were effortlessly having an amazing time, and looking beautiful doing so. As the week went on I realized that this beauty came from happiness and connection, and that feeling didn’t exist outside of myself but within me as well. Everyone automatically assumed everyone else was “next level cool”, because honestly if your interests brought you to the vibe of Further Future you probably are pretty cool.

– No one assumed I was a peasant.

The rain was actually really nice. I listened to the entire Fleetwood Mac CD with my best friend in my car waiting for the rainstorm to end. It got really dramatic during “landslide” and we took turns sliding our hands down the window passionately like in Titanic… anyways, the talks and workshops were incredible, from discussing AI to demonstrating robots and next level technology. Investments were made at this festival, companies were started at this festival, and ideas that could potentially change the world were born at this festival. Further Future had potentially the most concentrated amount of talent and willpower to actually follow through on ideas in one space.

I will definitely be returning to Further Future in the nearest possible future.

If a group of friends throwing a festival that has higher quality options pisses you off, don’t go. Pick and choose the experiences that are most conducive to the evolution of your being, and leave others to do the same. Maybe in the Further Future we can actually learn to get along.



The Do LaB Announces 2nd Annual Woogie Weekend Line-up!

Fresh off a sublime 12th year producing the famed Do LaB stage at Coachella and with their own world-renowned Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) arts and music festival coming up over Memorial Day Weekend, LA-based event production wizards Do LaB are proud to unveil the exhilarating 2016 lineup for Woogie Weekend festival, LIB’s splashy summer sibling. Returning to Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA (1.5 hours south of Los Angeles) for a sophomore season this July 8 – 10, 2016, Woogie Weekend will play host to two strikingly prominent stages – The Hive and the Beat Nest, to showcase bouncy house beats and tantalizing techno amidst the carefree prismatic vibes found within the delightfully wet ‘n’ wild playground.

Materializing at Woogie Weekend this July will be a captivating collective of world-class DJs and live acts, spearheaded by visionaries Benoit & Sergio. Woogie Weekenders can look forward to sultry soundscapes arrayed by powerhouse duo, Barcelona DJs Anstascia and Vivie-Ann better known as BLOND:ISH, an exquisitely complex set from the mystifying golden-masked Claptone, and an otherworldly performance from master storyteller and musical sorcerer Damian Lazarus. Among top performances for the weekend’s festivities include dance party vibes from the regal ladies of London Eli & Fur, catchy melodies and a whirlwind of ethereal vocal samples courtesy of Kidnap Kid, and an unforgettable live set from dance floor commander Mathew Jonson (live), whose craft bends conventional laws of house and techno.

Also descending upon Oak Canyon Park are internationally-acclaimed acts, the legendary techno god of north Germany, Hamburg’s Oliver Huntemann, and Mallorca’s TȂCHES, best known for producing romantic, euphoric and alluring soundtracks. Look forward to show-stopping sets from multi-award winning music producer and composer Jon Hopkins and legendary Chicago native turned San Francisco-transplant, house, acid jazz and downtempo producer/DJ Mark Farina who round out the extensive list of standout acts slated to hit Woogie Weekend, alongside a glorious mix of this year’s resident authorities of house and techno such as Nu, FDVM, Rodriguez Jr (live), Roman Flügel, Extrawelt, and Sebastian Mullaert aka Minilogue who will make appearances over the weekend.

Tickets for Woogie Weekend are on sale NOW – Secure your 2016 pass here!


UNITE 2016

Experience the magic of Tomorrowland in Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Israel, Japan, India and South Africa

Raise a toast – with an ice-cold Belgian beer – to the friendship between a Russian and an American, dance with Mexicans and Cubans, wave the Swedish or Norwegian flag, wake up in DreamVille next to a Finn and enjoy some French croissants with your Spanish neighbours… Tomorrowland is the biggest international festival on the planet. Bringing the entire world together in a positive way in Boom: that’s what Tomorrowland has been doing for over 12 years at De Schorre. The festival always sells out in record time, which means that a lot of people might not get the chance to experience the Tomorrowland fairy tale. That’s why, last year, Tomorrowland set up a live video connection from Boom to two other continents: Latin America and Asia. It was such a success that now Tomorrowland will be expanding from two to seven countries with UNITE. On Saturday 23 July, a live video connection will be created between Boom and Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Israel, Japan, India and South Africa and… back again to Boom. Just like last year, UNITE will bring Love, Unity, Madness and Magic to the seven different countries thousands of kilometres away from Boom. A live connection with the main stage, an enchanting atmosphere and local DJs; it’s a sure-fire recipe for a spectacular show… Germany will even get a live visit from some of Tomorrowland’s DJs who will fly directly to Germany from Boom.

On four different continents, thousands of People of Tomorrow will experience UNITE together.

Building bridges between Belgium and the rest of the world with music by the world’s greatest DJs and the unique, indescribable atmosphere of Tomorrowland: that’s UNITE, the mirror to Tomorrowland.

         More info :

EDC Las Vegas Unveils Incredible Trailer For The 20th Anniversary Edition

edc_las_vegas_2016_Official Trailer Asset_0

The EDC Las Vegas official trailer encompasses every beautiful element that shapes the three-day experience, from life-sized art installations, to costumed performers dancing from dusk to dawn. The trailer opens with a time capsule landing in the barren Las Vegas desert, sprouting a colossal neon-lit daisy from the ground. As each petal of the animated flower opens, fans are taken on a 360-degree tour of each thematic area of EDC Las Vegas. Viewers will travel through EDC’s signature stage areas – cosmicMEADOW, neonGARDEN, circuitGROUNDS, bassPOD, wasteLAND and kineticFIELD – while witnessing the energy of the festival’s vibrant community.

Festival goers will gather in the heart of the desert to celebrate 20 Years Under the Electric Sky with ground breaking stage designs, the world’s top dance music artists playing extended sets, carnival rides and an infectious energy unlike any other festival in the world.

In addition, the second EDC Week Charity Auction is now live, offering Headliners the opportunity to bid on incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experiences surrounding EDC Las Vegas – all to raise funds for local charity, The Shade Tree. The EDC Charity Week Auction will run now through Thursday, May 12 at 12 a.m. (PDT). Additional experiences surrounding artist-related auction items will be revealed on Monday, May 2 at 12 p.m. (PDT). All auction items are accessible to bidders by visiting, with most bids starting at just $0.99.

A limited number of GA and VIP tickets for EDC Las Vegas 2016 are on sale here. For Headliners looking to explore, engage, energize and enjoy, Insomniac’s VIP experience offers brand new activities and anniversary offerings. View the complete list of VIP amenities here.This year’s trailer takes Headliners on a journey through the EDC experience and travels through cosmicMEADOW, neonGARDEN, circuitGROUNDS, bassPOD, wasteLAND and kineticFIELD. It’s a true celebration of the EDC experience with highlights of party footage, energy, art, music, dancing, fans, and all of the stage production you can imagine.