The Electronica Life Podcast 001

The Electronica Life Podcast 001 – Mixed by Myles Pacheco

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1 – Tiesto & Mark Knight feat. Dino – Beautiful World (Toolroom Records)

2 – George Acosta – Crystalline (Black Hole Records)

3 – Mark Knight V.S. Florence & The Machine – You got the Love (no record comp/free download)

4 – Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki feat. Lil Jon – Turbulence (Sidney Samson remix) (Ultra Records)

5 – David Guetta feat. Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj – Where Dem Girls At? (Afrojack Remix)

6 – Steve Angello & Alex Metric – Open Your Eyes (Original Mix) (Positiva/Size Matters Records)

7 – George Acosta feat. Kate Walsh – Nite Time (Ruby & Tony Remix) (Aco Music Records)

8 – Arty & Mat Zo – Rebound (Anjunabeats Records)

9 – Tim mason – The Moment (Steve Angello Remix) (Size Matter Records)

10 – Diddy Dirty Money – Coming Home (Dirty South remix) V.S. Kaskade – Coming Home at 4am (no record comp/ free download)

Steve Aoki at Tropicana in Sacramento

Steve Aoki along side Heavygrinder, G.A.M.M.A., Atom ONE, Mike Diamond, My Cousin Vinny, plus special guests will perform live at Tropicana in Sacramento, CA. Buy your tickets now!

Afrojack at The Music Box

Dutch sensation Nick Van De Wall aka Afrojack makes his triumphant return to The Music Box in Hollywood, CA after an epic sold-out show in March 2011!  Buy your tickets now!

The Electronica Life Issue #2 05.24.11

The Electronica Life
Issue #2 – 05.24.11

“If a composer could say what
he had to say in words he would
not bother trying to say it in music”
– Gustav Mahler

And, that’s exactly what
this issue is all about! Well that and
some awesome news…

A couple weeks ago, we had two of
the founders of Electronica Life go to
one of the Enhanced Concert series
thrown by Insomniac (you know the
ones who throw that little party called
EDC). When it was all said and done,
they were truly blown away by the

Now, many of us have heard of this
group and have even seen them live…
but today you’re going to experience them
through our ears… well the ears of a couple
of our founders.

So without further ado, here’s a party review
from George van Dyk and Myles Pacheco…

On May 13th 2011 at the Hollywood Palladium
our lives changed. We experienced a
phenomenal group of DJ’S that really take their
performance “above and beyond” most other
DJ’s that we have ever seen. This group had
two sold out shows during the weekend of the
13th in Los Angeles and were one of the biggest
acts to catch in L.A. since their last performance
in December of 2010 (which was arguably their
biggest performance of their career).

Was it their best performance to date? You
can be the judge by checking out a video here:

If you have not figured out who we are talking
about well let us tell you this: this group has
been appreciated for their uplifting trance,
highly acclaimed singles, and their famous
record label “Anjunabeats”.

Of course we’re talking about…

On the 13th we went to go see A&B on their
new highly anticipated “Group Therapy” tour.
Their new album is coming out in June which
you can pre order from amazon here:

On that very special night we got to see
four acts & meet with some new people.
Once we entered the Palladium we caught
the last thirty minutes of DAVI’s performance,
then once he was done Jaytech took over and
totally rocked the stage until Above & Beyond
was ready. Then after he was done the whole
place went black & everyone had their cameras
ready for Above & Beyond to come out. While
everyone was waiting, the crowd was clapping
and chanting “A&B”… check the video here:

Then after all the chanting Above & Beyond
had a L.E.D. display hanging from them to
type messages to the crowd and before they
started they told everyone to read their messages
out loud then after they came out started their
two hour & a half performance.

Immediately as soon as they started with their
intro the crowd was energized and pleased to
see Above & Beyond on stage. The performance
Above & Beyond gave was from their upcoming
album that is due in June as well as other brand
new songs from different artists.

Out of the whole performance there were
three songs that brought the crowd together
and got everyone to sing. The first one was their
recent single they just remixed called
“Thing Called Love” feat. Richard Bedford.
Once this track came on everyone in the building
as well as Above & Beyond were feeling the amazing
vibe from the crowd and were singing the song together.
Check out a clip here:

Then after, in the middle of their performance,
they played their popular single “Sun & Moon”,
which had the same effect as when “Thing Called Love”
came on, but everyone in the building knew the lyrics
to “Sun & Moon” and you could hear everyone singing!

Check out “Sun & Moon” here:

In that moment you felt an amazing vibe with
the people and Above & Beyond put up on
their display: This is group therapy at work.
Check it out here:

At the end of their performance they ended the
show with a really inspiring outro and thanked
the crowd for coming to the show. Then after, the
lights fade out, the crowd is still touched with the
performance Above & Beyond gave and were
clapping and cheering “one more song!”

A few minutes pass and Above & Beyond came
back out and played an encore with “On a Good Day”
Good day video here:

If you like that song like we do (especially the version
in the video) you can get it here:

Then right after the song was over the crowd
gave applause for Above & Beyond and their
performance. Then after Mat Zo came on and
finished the concert off. By far, the best act of the
night was Above & Beyond. Their performance was
just more than music! When they perform they show a
different side of music where it gets the crowd more
than physically involved (as in dancing). They bring
a whole different type of energy that effects you
spiritually, emotional, and mentally. This group of
DJ’S are really a special thing and if you ever get
the opportunity to go see them live you better

Here’s a couple shows they have for the rest of the year:


Well that’s about it, we hope we
did a good job of taking you on our A&B
journey! Be on the lookout for an email from
us this week in regards to our EDC contest
because we’re about to announce some more

– The Electronica Life Team

P.S. If you haven’t bought your EDC Vegas
tickets yet… you better get going before
they go up again! Here are the links just in
case you need them…

Day 1 Tickets –
Day 2 Tickets –
Day 3 Tickets –

Oh, also… we almost forgot the good news!
The good news is that we’re trying to get
some gas money for your EDC vegas trip.
Details on thursday… stay tuned! ;]

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The Electronica Life Issue #1 05.15.11

The Electronica Life
Issue # 1 – 05.15.11

“Music is beautiful, it explains some
things we never can say with words…”
– a poet unknown


This is our very first issue of Electronica Life
and we wanna start if off with a BANG!

What you can expect to see in this issue and
future issues are things like EDM videos,
interviews, party PREviews, party REviews,
new album/track reviews, podcasts, new
up and coming artists, dj mixes, pictures,
cool giveaways and contests, and much,
much more.

Our concept behind Electronica Life is
simple. We want to share all things EDM.
We want to educate and build a community
that is respectful, that will share the beauty
of music with others. We want to help
other artist grow into who they are so that
they can share their musical gift with the world.
Plain and simple, we just want to help. The
hard part is sharing the message… that’s
where we need your help. Can you help us?

We need you to make this work.

You might be saying, “Well what do I have to
do? I don’t have much time… and I haven’t
any money”

Well you’re already reading this and that’s
half of it. All we would like from you is to
continue reading our Electronica Life
newsletter and anytime something intriguing
moves you… just share it with your friends
on facebook, twitter, your blog or by
forwarding this newsletter to their inbox.
Sharing is caring and that’s the other half of it.

Just read and share.

If you help us, we’ll reward
you… promise.

We’re starting a revolution where we’re
giving before taking and helping before
asking for something. With that said,
we’re sure you’re here because you saw
a nifty video about 05.15.11.

May 15th, 2011 is the day we started
something new, and with your help
it’ll become something bigger than
any of us can imagine. On this day,
we launched Electronica Life and we
want to celebrate by giving.

So here’s a couple clues…

not a Club

Haha… did you guys get it yet?

Okay, one more clue…

It’s going to be hott as hell!

Alright, if you haven’t gotten it yet
(although I’m sure you already have)
we’re giving a ticket away to the
Electric Daisy Carnival – Vegas.

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet
here are the links to each separate day:

Day 1 –
Day 2 –
Day 3 –

But before we talk about how were
giving a ticket away, let’s talk about
last years EDC.

Last years EDC was the 14th annual
Electric Daisy Carnival that drew
180,000 people over two days. Some
of the artist featured were Deadmau5,
Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Kaskade,
Swedish House Mafia, Laidback Luke
and Above and Beyond just to name a

EDC 2010 official trailer here:

With the misfortune of losing 15 year old
Sasha Rodriguez after EDC was over,
there was a lot controversy whether or not
the Electric Daisy Carnival was going to
return to the L.A. Coliseum fair grounds.

With the city and head of Insomniac
(Pasquale Rotella) at “war”, there was
already rumor and speculation that EDC
was going to find a new home for 2011.
Many thought the 2 day festival was
going to be in California but we soon
found reports that it was possibly headed
to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sooner than later, an official statement
was released from Insomniac thanking
the Coliseum and the city of L.A. for all
it’s hard work and dedication over the
past years. In the statement it had also
been said that EDC will be moving to
other grounds that could facilitate what
the carnival has to offer.

Then on February 24th, 2011, Insomniac
answered all rumors about EDC 2011 by
letting party-goers know that the event had
found a new home at the Las Vegas Motor
Speedway. Then later on we found out that
the Electric Daisy Carnival would be 3 days!

Day 1 Tickets –
Day 2 Tickets –
Day 3 Tickets –

The question is: Are you going?

Many have said that this years party
“cost too much” or is “too far away”,
so we want to help with that.

So as a kick off to the Electronica Life
to show you that we care about what’s
going on in the scene, we have decided
to do a contest.

Click here to see what you have to do.

We wish you all the best and hope to see you
in Las Vegas with us at the Electric Daisy

– The Electronica Life Team

P.S. Remember, we need you to help us
spread and build a respectable community.
If you help us and give before you take, we will
reward you with more cool contests and prizes.
The bigger we get, the bigger the reward.
Please help us by sharing, “liking” and
commenting our 05.15.11 video on youtube

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EDC Las Vegas 2011 3 Day Pass & SHM Giveaway

Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas 2011 3 Day Pass Giveaway

Yeap, you heard right! If you would like the chance to win a 3 day pass to EDC Vegas 2011 then you need to check out this video here:

Also, if you’re looking to win the Swedish House Mafia Until One Giveaway, you need to go here for more details:

Oh ya! And, if you want $50 for Electric Daisy Carnival 2011 Vegas Gas $$ check this out!

Make sure you follow all the instructions accurately! If you have any questions, please leave them here or as a comment on the Youtube video itself… best wishes!

– The Electronica Life Team