Andrew Rayel Announces ‘Moments’ (Armada) Album & World Tour

MOMENTS is the second full-length studio album from the internationally recognized electronic dance music DJ and producer, Andrew Rayel. The first single from the album is out now and it’s titled, Andrew Rayel featuring Eric Lumiere, “I’ll Be There.”

“Unstoppable. Ferocious. Magical. The live DJ-performances of Andrew Rayel are an art form and all the world’s a stage. Rayel’s ever-expanding legions of admirers have been clamoring for his next full-length studio album since 2014’s Find Your Harmony. After a three year period of nonstop touring and stints of intense focus in the recording studio, Rayel is ready to release his second studio album, Moments (Armada) on May 5th, accompanied by a world tour. The first single from the album is out now and it’s titled, Andrew Rayel featuring Eric Lumiere, “I’ll Be There.” – prweb

Listen to Andrew Rayel, Moments: here

Tour dates:

Minimal Sessions Los Angeles Is Gaining Speed

*Written by Lizzie Rose for Electronica Life

Detroit is often known for its excellent techno and minimal house. There is one promoter in Los Angeles who is quickly establishing itself as the premiere promoter for techno and minimal house music events – Minimal Sessions. Over the course of the past few years, Minimal Sessions has quickly gained a solid fan base of techno and minimal house lovers in the LA area. Minimal Sessions prides itself on exposing people to the best minimal and tech house artists at its monthly residency at Outspoken (formerly Couture) in Hollywood, CA.

On Saint Patrick’s Day I had the pleasure of attending the latest installment of Minimal Sessions featuring acclaimed tech house producer and DJ Matt Sassari. The Saint Patrick’s Day event marked a landmark date for this event. With over 500 people in attendance, it was by far the largest Minimal Sessions event to date, and the crew was elated. Outspoken provided an intimate environment and the dance floor was absolutely packed. Attendees showed up in green to celebrate the holiday and united together to share their love of techno.

The Minimal Sessions crew decorated the DJ booth in giant four leaf clovers and provided drink specials in honor of the holiday. Sassari played an amazing set, as did Durtysoxxx of Funk’N Deep Records (co-presenter on the show), and Minimal Sessions label owners, Shmitty and Tyler Rouse who played a special B2B set. Tyler Rouse of Minimal Sessions said, “It’s so exciting to see so many people excited about techno in LA, especially on a holiday when there are so many other choices. It seems like it’s actual techno fans, not just holiday fans”.

Be sure to catch the next Minimal Sessions event featuring Barbuto and Remmington on May 19th. Minimal Sessions also has a boutique record label that is renowned for its excellent minimal and tech house releases.

Visit Minimal Sessions on the Web for More Info!


m.O.N.R.O.E. + Daniel Dubbs’ EP Around the Black Rock has Officially Dropped on Desert Hearts Records

With Desert Hearts Festival around the corner, we can’t stop listening to the artists on their label. One that we can’t stop vibing with is m.O.N.R.O.E. + Daniel Dubbs’ new EP Around the Black Rock.

Inspired by BurningMan, the 2 track EP is beautiful, melodic, and thought provoking. For me, It brings up deep emotions of synchronicity and flow in a constantly changing world. Listening to these tracks takes me to another place completely, one where different scenes flash through my imagination.

The Desert Hearts team states “If getting lost in a dust storm while rallying with the homies had soundtrack, the title track would fit perfectly. It’s a gorgeous track that stirs the dance floor pot every time. The B-Side titled “I know” is a beautifully deep piano laced track synonymous with the vibe you’ feel during sunrise. It’s almost time to get dusty in the desert.”

We can’t believe Desert Hearts is this upcoming weekend! See you out at Los Coyotes! 

Tickets and Info


Desert Hearts 2017 is Here at Last!

After Desert Hearts skipped their fall festival this year, we knew we had to wait a whole year until we’d be back on the speakers at Los Coyotes. This was not an easy thing to swallow, as Desert Hearts has become something that allows us to check in with ourselves and our friends and express ourselves in a comfortable space. My last two Desert Hearts experiences i’ve experienced deep, deep learning about myself and perspective shifts that have changed my life thereafter. As living and breathing humans, experiences shape our personalities every day. Our cells regenerate and we change our hair, clothing styles, and favorite songs. Events like Desert Hearts, with pure vibes and good intentions, help us to pull back to center and observe these changes.

The fact that we get to celebrate with the Desert Hearts crew in a few weeks (March 31st – April 3rd) has us like little kids on Christmas. The weather is getting warmer and the sunsets are coloring the skies later and later, as festivals are beginning to bloom all throughout the country. Desert Hearts kicks off the festival season engine, bringing an awesome lineup to Los Coyotes Indian Reservation once again for three days of techno. Deep Jesus, Justin Martin, Marques Wyatt, Sacha Robotti, Taches, Tara Brooks, and Terrakroma and many more headline the gathering, with the beloved Desert Hearts Crew with Mikey Lion, Porkchop, Lee Reynolds, and Marbs keeping the “hometown vibes” strong.

Desert Hearts is such an incredible display of creation and art. A walk throughout the venue will have attendees crossing paths with many live artists, installations, lounge areas, and carefully chosen vendors. Everything about the Desert Hearts vibe is on point, which is probably why such a loyal family has grown from the events. When you are at a Desert Hearts event, you are family.

Tickets available at:

Last year’s photo album : click here

Thailand’s Wonderfruit Festival Knows How To Party with Purpose

*Written by Jacqueline Khoury for Electronica Life

Wonderfruit is exactly what happens when your dedicated squad produces a massive Burning Man stage, houses deep sunrise parties with Robot Heart veterans and expresses progressive foresight in its ethos like Further Future. It was not only loved by the 10,000 people who made it this past February 16-19th, but exceeded expectations with impressive world-class production and an eclectic line-up of artists who really knew how to throw down unforgettable sets. This too-good-to-be-true mash-up went beyond those trippy sunrise parties and beautiful fashion by following their ethos for sustainability and positive change.

This year featured three exceptional stages and countless other spots to enjoy live sets throughout the day. Each of the main stages had its own energy and housed different styles based on their unique themes. The Solar Stage, which appeared at Burning Man in 2012 and 2013, was shipped in from California by legendary Burning Man architect and engineer, Gregg Fleishmann. His climbable, multi-leveled and multi-dimensional arrangement using the Lost Triangle of Pythagoras was Wonderfruit’s clear choice for sunset and sunrise house parties. Acrobats and fire performers lit up the stage as body-painted wonderers danced and climbed in and around the puzzle-pieced wooden frames. The stage’s mystical and stunning sets always attracted diversity with the intention of oneness.

The Solar Stage became the epicenter for my daily relax sessions and the primary hub for us house heads to journey through deep cosmic sets. Eric Volta, a London-based psychedelic DJ whose technical range has mystified spots like Boiler Room and Robot Heart at Burning Man, masterfully set the house tone for the entire weekend. Jason Swamy, Further Future Co-Founder and Director/Co-Founder for Wonderfruit, also played a set on Saturday, proving just how involved and vibrant the creators are from start till finish. Yokoo, a deep house beast who’s recently been releasing tracks on Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream label, graced the stage with beats that expressed truthful melodies and sincere love for the art, making his Sunday sunrise set one of the best.

“This structure was designed for exploration through climbing to allow the community to come together and contemplate sacred geometry and the sacredness of existence. – vents like Wonderfruit that bring people together to appreciate their connections and surroundings, are the perfect place for this installation.” – Gregg Fleishmann

The Farm Stage was a big testament to the ethos Wonderfruit followed. Designed by Thor. Kaison, this visually striking stage was built entirely of rice from local farmers’ yield and based on traditional ceremonial structures to celebrate Thailand’s historic rice farming culture. Located right beside the on-site farm, it naturally channeled a grassroots energy, making it the perfect layout for his culturally diverse musical line-up. Each night the crown of the stage transformed into a psychedelic light performance that illuminated the entire Wonderfruit sky. To be in Thailand and see the creators working with the land, guided by their traditional roots, sparked a natural oneness with the people, soil, and stage.

This year Wonderfruit allowed campers to bring food, so I brought some snacks and saved my meals for the phenomenal choices I remembered obsessing over last year. Choosing and experiencing all of the different food options was a festival of its own. Besides getting my 4:00 pm fix of sauce-smothered chips from the Pattaya-based burger bar Junk, I vowed to try a different meal each time I was hungry.

Straight Outta Thonglor was a personal favorite food spot. It had the largest selection, featuring all-day-breakfast, 4 types of noodles, 3 broths, fried chicken, cold-pressed fresh juices, and 6 types of pizzas. This special collaborative crew definitely kept the food as funky as the hip-hop beats they dropped. Marcel, a casual French cuisine and festival favorite, had its own special DJ line-up and served up some bangin’ mussels. If you happened to be sipping on wine during sunset at Marcel, chances are you stayed for the fabulous dance parties. Rocketfruit’s funky crew served up healthy Scandinavian flavors, but I stayed for the live daytime deep house sets and fresh coconuts.

The festival’s ethos for sustainability and making a positive impact on society was of leading importance to the creators, making Wonderfruit a true catalyst festival for positive change. They took the initiative three years ago to turn the fields into a living and breathing community that strives for personal responsibility and progress. The festival’s ethos was not only a literal guideline, but a necessity in our global community today. Wonderfruit has proven again to be a festival for those seeking more than great music and art, and from seeing the stellar dedication through action and presentation, it is only going to get better with each passing year. On that note,

Here’s a list of Wonderfruit’s praise-worthy projects and methods successfully used to make a direct influence on the people and planet.

● It became a net positive event by investing in Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve in Borneo, Indonesia. Rimba Raya is the largest REDD+ project and privately- funded orangutan sanctuary in the world.
● Biodegradable water bottles were used.
● As a result of the #wewillkeepwalkingcampaign, over 1,000 mangrove trees will be planted along the delta of Mynammar in effort to offset carbon emissions.
● Cash proceeds from the Rainforest Pavilion went directly to saving rainforest land for permanent conservation through Cuipo.
● Scratch Talks held during the days at Rainforest Pavillion centered around inspirational and powerful eco-centered presentations by regional heroes.
● Wonder Kar, Wonderfruit’s first art car, was made entirely of reclaimed junk.

See you in December!

For more info visit:

Wonderfruit 2017 official after-movie:

**Photos without a watermark are credited to Wonderfruit.

CALLING ALL DJs – Opportunity To Open For Boombox Cartel, Carnage, Kayzo, Slander & More!

What would be a better way to spend your Spring Break than in Lake Havasu immersed in beer , beats , and the beach?

Well, Spring Break 2017 looks like it just got a little more exciting. The month long dance party and electronic dance music festival Heatwave Havasu is giving you an opportunity to accomplish all of your DJ goals. Here’s your chance to open for Boombox Cartel, Carnage, Kayzo, Slander and more!

Click here for more OPENING DJ INFO

Unity Travel has partnered up with Las Vegas premier event company Ravealation, and the #1 travel company for college students in the U.S. JusCollege to put on the best event of the season.

They are offering Heatwave festival passes, access to night parties, day parties, and the silent disco. As well as discounts to local restaurants, bars, and activities. Festival dates are March 6 – March 30, 2017. You have all month long, so no excuses not to make this rager your Spring Break destination!

Click here for more info on attending the Heatwave Festival

Heatwave Havasu Spring Break & Music Festival – Full Line Up Announcement

Here is your FULL line up for Heatwave Havasu Spring Break & Music Festival Music Festival!

Antiserum | ARMNHMR | ARIUS | Bear Grillz | Boombox Cartel | Breathe Carolina | Carnage | Cesqeaux | DESTRUCTO | Dr. Fresch | JSTJR | Kayzo | Kill Frenzy | Kennedy Jones | Lookas | Party Thieves | Slander | Too Short | Trademark |  Special Guest TBA!

Packages start @ $219! Our friends at Unity are producing this epic Spring Break experience with JusCollege & Revelation!  It takes place over 4 weeks in Lake Havasu City, Arizona over the month of March! Use code “electronicalife” at checkout in the “referred by” section to receive a discount on your purchase. For tickets & info, click here!

Unparalleled Festival Networking at XLIVE 2016

*Written by Carlos Rodriguez for Electronica Life 

LAS VEGAS, NV –  A winter trip to the desert proved to be a festival journey unlike any other.  While other festival conferences have either stagnated or fallen off the map in the last few years, X-Live has rebranded, expanded, and hired an all-star team to bring together true innovators in the festival market. X-live now includes festivals of multiple genres, like food & beverage, music, film and more. Several thousand festival producers, operators, vendors, agents and more descended upon the Tropicana for three days of non-stop conferences, workshops, keynote speakers and meetings.

Attendees ran the full gamut, ranging from newly minted entrepreneurs with just business cards and ideas, to full scale festival promoters, to venture capitalists looking for new additions to their portfolio. No matter what you were looking for, if you looked hard enough you could find it. Of course the higher value individuals typically make a quick pass through the event, so you have to be well connected & well planned to grab them at the right moment to get a couple words in. Luckily XLIVE attracts enough of these people, that no matter what you are looking for, you are likely to find at least a few connections that will add great value to your organization.

Networking is the primary reason any business person ventures to an event like this, and XLIVE knows it. They help you set meetings with other attendees if you are a sponsor. They will reach out and discuss strategy and do their best to connect you with the people you want to be connected to. They even run their own meeting room and assist with scheduling in between parties.

Breakout sessions were numerous, running through the different challenges that each festival faced, while trying to keep the conversation to the similarities between us all. The X-live EXPO hall was one of the better, if not the best in the festival conference space. Many of the booth’s were vendors selling competing products, but despite being competitors, many felt they were meeting the right people and building their networks.

Heatwave Havasu Spring Break & Music Festival – Phase 1 Lineup Announced

Here is your Phase 1 line up for Heatwave Havasu Spring Break & Music Festival Music Festival!

Carnage | Slander | Bear Grillz | Dr. Fresch | Lookas | Party Thieves

Packages start @ $219! Our friends at Unity are producing this epic Spring Break experience with JusCollege & Revelation!  It takes place over 4 weeks in Lake Havasu City, Arizona over the month of March! Use code “electronicalife” at checkout in the “referred by” section to receive a discount on your purchase. For tickets & info, click here!


Global Dance Festival Sets the Tone for Arizona’s Growth with Relentless Beats

*Written by Lizzie Rose for Electronica Life 

Global Dance Festival wrapped up it’s third year of production with an incredible night of festivities put on by Relentless Beats. This festival was one day long, but provided weeks worth of awesome memories. I traveled into town for this event, as did three of my friends who reside in other states. Global Dance has become a tradition for us after graduation, conveniently joining us together right by Arizona State University. This year we were so impressed by the improvements in venue set up and lineup.
Arriving at Rawhide Western Venue is such a unique experience. Like a ghost town turned rave, the decor is completely fit for a cowboy, yet sounded like the bass pod at EDC. The fusion of country and EDM is such an odd breath of fresh air, not to mention the three stages and all of the vendors that amplified the energy. Walking around the venue I expected the college kid vibe, but was actually met with the maturation of the music scene that I am used to seeing at events across the west coast. One thing was clear- Relentless Beats and it’s gatherings had matured drastically since my days at ASU. Their events have grown larger and larger and significantly more organized and enjoyable to attend. As a place someone ostracized from the California and Colorado music scenes, Arizona is often overlooked. Relentless Beats has personally brought talent to the area that would have never landed there otherwise.
I actually stayed at the main stage for most of the night, which is unlike my exploratory nature, but the music was amazing all evening. Galantis was light and fluffy and beautiful feel good music followed by Bassnectar absolutely wrecking the crowd. His set was dirty and intense, just how his loyal following of bassheads was begging for. I’ve experienced more relaxed and mellow sets from Lorin, but this one was just the amount of adrenaline the crowd needed. Afterwards, I was able to meet him and snap a photo of him with one of his biggest fans- which was an absolutely awesome experience. It’s always a rush getting to meet an artist you admire, and you could tell he felt grateful for the love the crowd was throwing at him throughout his set.
We meandered over to Datsik for awhile and enjoyed the intense sounds of modern dubstep, thinking about how far the genre has come. It seems like these artists are always somehow inventing and mixing in new sounds- continuously finding ways to bring the heat more and more intensely. Thank you so much to Relentless Beats for helping so many awesome people experience a taste of the unifying and uplifting events that have created our festival scene today. Without you we would still be paying 40$+ per artist on the off chance they happen to be stopping in Phoenix.