New Music Brings A New Dimension – Enter Sharkoffs

*written by A’Damaged Pro

By default, any artist you’ve ever been introduced to started off as someone you’ve never heard of before. There’s an unofficial battle brewing between what is considered “mainstream” and what is part of “the underground.” Some people even let this distinction govern what they consider good music. Enter Sharkoffs. Your world has been enriched.  You can thank me later.

I rely on my physical response to the music, as well as the imagery the music is responsible for, to help shape my overall opinion. As I meander on my musical voyage, I relax and let my mind wander once again.  My adventure came to a close with the song combo of “Japanese Steel” and “Trying To Be Cool” (Sharkoffs Remix). These songs displayed a varied style and tempo from one another, but when listened to as a tandem they complemented each other very well. “Japanese Steel” had me preparing to go to war in a world on the cusp of apocalypse. As if designed by coincidence, I see an 80’s hair band, rooftop, serenading the masses with the ironic and relaxed soundtrack of buildings being toppled by bombs while the chaos ensues in Sharkoffs’ remix of “Trying To Be Cool.” Although your journey with this music will not be the same, I assure you that you will enjoy the exposure nonetheless.

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*new music just released 9/5/13 – Matt & Kim (remix)