Nero At Club Nokia (04-19-12) Review

NERO REVIEW at Club Nokia


On this typical Thursday (04-19-12) the weekend has started and we

were destined to see one of the greatest EDM Performances in quite

a long time. On this night out in Los Angeles, Goldenvoice along with

Bassrush Brought out Dubstep/Drum&Bass Artist NERO for their

“Second Reality” Tour during the Coachella Festival weekends they both

were to be featured on. Along with NERO, artists to support the night were

Dillon Frances and Sub Focus to get the weekend started right before the second

Coachella Weekend was underway and in the books for 2012.

Once we got into the venue the Lines were filled with people chanting “NERO” &”Sub Focus”

with enthusiasm that just got the place full of Energy & excitement.

Once we arrived to Club Nokia, we couldn’t figure what floors were leading to the stage

and if they had any other shows going on at the same time since it was new to us, But once we went through

the elevator a couple times to know the setting of the venue it was quite a huge

establishment with an theatrical feel inside. Once you have entered the floor it seems

as if you walked into a small room with access in front of the stage, the second floor

was the best view of the place with an exclusive VIP area where it was

sectioned with railings and chairs to view the performance from and had

an arrange of seats filled.


Joe Ray & Daniel Stephens are both musically educated and appreciate all types

of music. When they both were young their musical influences were Jazz, Classical,

and Jungle music in their younger days. Composing all three in Electronic Music and

after being exposed to EDM  in London, these guys have done great works of productions

and now have contributed to a new Genre of Bass music called “Dubstep” back in 2004.

Today, these guys have now been an influencial icon to the Dubstep scene around the world

and continue to do amazing electronica productions. In 2008 they picked up a “Vocal Angel”

that has made their singles & Productions huge. Alana Watson has been the “cherry on top” of

NERO’S songs and has quite a recognizable voice to sing along to when their songs are played live.


When we got to see them Perform a Live Production with different types of technology that are

used for Electronic productions, it was quite a treat seeing them use it in their performing

rather than just a CD-J. Along with that their Stage set up was a Massive Piece that took up

the whole stage with Televisions, Speaker, & Lights to amaze the audience with while they


During Half-way through their Performance Alana Came out singing Vocals

to NERO’S most Known Singles “Me & You”, “Innocence”, “Must Be The Feeling” & “Promises”

that had all the audience Singing along with her during those songs. The Feeling in that place

was purely epic as everyone was just feeling the love of the music altogether. Then at the end

Alana along with the boys of NERO gave the audience a bow to us in appreciation and

walked off the stage knowing that it the performance was a success.


Then after that Epic of performance, NERO was off stage & it was time for the Drum & Bass

Legend Sub Focus to close the night. After NERO’S performance about half the Crowd

had left & Very little seemed to had Care about what or who Sub Focus was. So

after most of the Crowd had disappeared there was a lot more room on the floor

where most of the people went to and just enjoyed the Hard beats of Drum & Bass.


Sub Focus’s Set was alright since it seemed that he didn’t seem so energetic

on stage. After all he was supposed to have his own show the same day but was

cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances but, he still put on a performance

to the audience that stayed and they responded well to him.

Overall this night was more than we had expected to imagine, NERO really

just blew us away with their Live show along with Alana and stage production.

Sub Focus kept us entertained but maybe next time if we see him he’ll

a better (energetic) day.





Review by Myles of Electronica Life