MEElectronics EDM Universe Headphones – Interview & Review

*written by Shimmy for Electronica Life
Untz Untz Untz. Or was that Unz Unz Unz?

Might be hard to tell when your audio equipment doesn’t support the type of music pumping through your ears. Listening to thumping electronic dance music on generic ear buds is definitely acceptable, but chances are, if you are reading this article then you deserve better. Much better.

I recently spoke with Cheryl Shieh, from MEElectronics, who is part of a team that have created headphones specifically catered toward listeners of EDM. Their “EDM Universe” Headphones offer the listener “enhanced bass, spacious sound, and excellent dynamics” to make sure the Untz your favorite producer wanted you to hear really does sound like an Untz.

Shimmy – Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to talk with Electronica Life! So what is your role at MEElectronics?

Cheryl – My official title is Public Relations Manager. I mainly handle social media and marketing related things but also dabble a little in the creative department. It’s been a great ride so far and I’ve learned tons in the 6 months that I’ve been here.

Shimmy How did you get involved with MEElectronics?

Cheryl – I got hired on to assist the marketing and graphic design departments. I love music (especially EDM) so how could I resist a job where I’m constantly listening to music from different types of headphones?

Shimmy – MEElectronics is relatively new to the marketplace. What is story behind MEElectronics?

Cheryl – MEElectronics started out making mp3 players about ten years ago, but in trying to develop the best-sounding mp3 player we soon realized that the audio quality was more dependent on the headphones than anything else. We searched for reasonably priced headphones that performed up to our standards, but there were none on the market at the time, so we made our own! They turned out pretty good and became popular on the audiophile forum Head-Fi and with other audiophile communities around the world. This is how MEElectronics got started as a headphone brand.

Since then we’ve greatly expanded our offerings but still maintain our original focus on sound quality and value. In addition to our audio-focused products, our current lineup includes one of the best-selling sports headphones on the market and the world’s most complete line of Bluetooth wireless headphones.

Shimmy – There is a definite movement, especially here in the US, toward electronic dance music. What are your thoughts on the current state of EDM?

Cheryl – We have been EDM listeners for a long time here at MEElectronics – some of us for 15 years or more. We are all very happy to see EDM becoming more mainstream. Truth be told, I still haven’t gotten used to hearing multiple EDM songs back to back on mainstream radio, but it’s great to see more people enjoying EDM. Though EDM is an umbrella term for a lot of different genres of Electronic music, it still feels like the community has maintained a cohesiveness that’s not really there with other types of music. EDM is also the music genre where the fans still go to live events for the love of the music, and of course that feel of being at a live event is something we want to get as close to as possible with our headphones.

Shimmy – Why did MEElectronics decide to create the EDM Universe headphones and what makes them unique from its competitors?

Cheryl – The headphone market is pretty big, but while there are headphones developed for Rock, Hip-Hop, and several other genres, there were no headphones tuned specifically for EDM, a genre that we share a special bond with. We were in a unique position where we had both the ability and motivation to come out with the first ones, so we did. Not only did we tune the sound of our EDM Universe headphones for electronic music, they also have an EDM-inspired design. Our focus has always been on quality and performance, not celebrity endorsements and inflated pricing, so that’s what we bring with the EDM Universe headphones as well.

Shimmy – PLUR seems to be underlying theme with these headphones. A bracelet with PLUR written on it is even included in the beautiful packaging. What does PLUR mean to the MEElectronics brand?

Cheryl – Feeling loved, supported, understood, and welcome is what we all want, but the ultimate happiness lies not just in ourselves but also what we can give to others. I think you can really feel this at a lot of festivals. Our goal is simply to spread awareness that the PLUR life is a simple, beautiful way to live and thrive.

Shimmy – If an employee comes into your office wearing Apple earbuds, do you send him or her home?  😀

Cheryl – Not at all 🙂 All MEElectronics employees are encouraged to explore other headphones and are welcome to come forward and let us know if there is something they like or don’t like about them so that we can understand how to improve our own products. On any given day, you’ll see 5 different headphone brands around the office, in addition to our own large collection.

Shimmy – Any plans on creating a headphone specific for the studio or EDM dj’s?

Cheryl – DJ Headphones are definitely something we are open to, but it will all depend on how the current EDM Universe line is received.

Shimmy – Where can you find and purchase MEElectronics headphones?

Cheryl – We ship our headphones worldwide from our website ( and you can also find us on most major online retailers such as amazon, best buy, walmart, newegg…etc.

Shimmy – What’s up next for MEElectronics?

Cheryl – As we approach 2015, we are working on refining our product lines. In addition to developing all-new products, we are doing something that’s a bit unusual and re-releasing our most popular products with changes based entirely on user feedback. As for our long-term trajectory, we believe that the future of headphones is wireless – the convenience is just impossible to beat. We already got a head start in the wireless category and would really like to lead that market segment as it grows.

Shimmy – Please tell us something you haven’t told anyone else in an interview that you think we should know.

Cheryl – A friend of mine went to Coachella this past year and told me about the after-hours silent disco tent. Ever since then, it’s been my dream for one of these silent discos to use MEElectronics headphones. That would be just the coolest thing ever!

Shimmy’s final words…

When I finally got my ears between the MEElectronics EDM Universe On-Ear Headphones, I was not disappointed. With an MSRP of $99.99, these relatively light headphones have the sound clarity of headphones costing much higher. The product packaging is attractive and they even include a functional felt-lined headphone case which will help protect your investment when festival hopping. There’s a separate area inside the case to keep the flat 3.5 mm audio cable organized as well.

Many songs come to mind when someone throws out the term “EDM music.” Knowing this, I decided to test out these EDM-specific headphones with a few different artists to see if they truly get my stamp of approval. Audiophiles may cringe, but I didn’t bother to burn these headphones in [gasp!]; instead, I just fired up Spotify on my laptop and started searching through my playlists.

I started out with some funky GRiZ,to set the tone early for the musical journey my ears were about to enjoy. To my delight, there was no noticeable distortion in any of those saxual beats. My head was definitely starting to bob. I was ready to keep going. I needed something I hadn’t heard in a long time… some early 2000’s Gabriel & Dresden was the answer. Nothing brings a smile to my face quicker than some vocal trance. Even though these headphones highlight their bass ccapabilities I found the mids & highs to be very clean. The melodies had very little noise, I was very content. Finally, I had the urge for something a bit more bass heavy. As marketed, the headphones didn’t disappoint. I cued up several Nero tracks and then immediately turned the in-line volume control up to the max. Even with the max volume, there was no detectable distortion. In fact the vocals were extremely clear and the bass was extra punchy. By this time, the headphones had been on my ears for quite some time. I don’t see myself complaining about comfort with these either. Although the ear pads are rectangle in shape, they are soft and just have the right amount of pressure to keep them securely on my head. My only complaint about these EDM Universe headphones is that sound isolation could be improved. Maybe it’s due to the shape of the ear pads, but I found myself still hearing ambient noise even with the infectious beats from Nero blasting into my ear.

Long story short, I found the sound of these headphones to be above average. Yes, it does do well on the lower end of the spectrum, but let’s not take away it’s performance with the mids and highs. The build quality didn’t come across as being overlooked either; I found the headphones to be well constructed out of durable plastic. Now, the biggest plus for me is the price. It is not uncommon to find headphones in this space costing two or three times higher. Get rid of your generic ear buds and grab some MEElectronics EDM Universe Headphones. Your ears will thank you. Untz Untz Untz.

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