Martin Garrix – Proxy (D-SAB Remix)

*written by A’Damaged Pro for Electronica Life

Martin Garrix’s “Proxy” delivers as expected. It’s a blend of feel-good club music and what you can expect to hear when fighting a boss in Final Fantasy. How do you improve on something that already has a global feel? D-SAB has the answer. He reworks the drop and the transitions, resulting in a remix that is both uplifting and melodic. When the drop has a built-in signifying phrase, you’re left with the choice of where you want to take the listener. He decides to take us to battle, but in the most pleasurable way possible. I envision this being played to boost morale as weary soldiers prepare for what could be their final march. Elation is an appropriate precursor to a feeling of overwhelming triumph, regardless of the outcome. Well done, sir. Well done.

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