Love & Happiness Are Yours For The Taking Under The Electric Sky: EDCLV 2015

*written by Lizzie Moore for Electronica Life
Electric Daisy Carnival aka EDC, wrapped up it’s 19th consecutive year at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the weekend of June 19th-21st. With three nights of music, art, vendors, food, good vibes and love, the festival attracts over 100,000 people each night. It is the largest festival in North America and holds years and years of tradition represented within it’s name that speak volumes of it’s reputation as a highly coveted experience.

I believe a few of the reasons why EDC has amassed widespread popularity revolves around the festivals accessibility and welcoming nature. First of all, Electric Daisy Carnival represents all that is friendly and accommodating with it’s attendees, still holding true to the age old PLUR mantra. Whether it is your very first EDC or your tenth, you will be welcomed with the genuine excitement of the festival revellers just like you. People will run up to you just to tell you how much they like your outfit, while taking pride in making a connection and friendship with you, and often times go out of their way to make sure you are having an exceptional time as well.

Secondly, The lineup has such a wide array of artists that there actually is likely something that everyone would enjoy.  Packed with rides, intentionally designed art installations, and 8 stages, it’s practically impossible to feel bored or unentertained at any time. With so much stimulation, there is always opportunity for discovery and entertainment. Just like a true carnival, there are thrills around every corner and the opportunity to choose your own adventure.

Lastly, EDC is an experience that allows you to attend for hours on end and then return to the comfort of your hotel room rather than a tent or an RV like most festivals. Being able to take a shower, use a microwave, and sleep in an actual bed, makes this festival so much more appealing to those trying to ease into their first festival experience.

Electric Daisy Carnival 2012 was my very first experience attending any type of music festival. I was nineteen years old and just getting into dance music with artists like Avicii, Steve Aoki, and Bloody Beetroots moving the particles in my body in an entirely new way. I planned my outfits for months, bedazzling pieces of clothing and making kandi and picking out the perfect colored fluffies for each ensemble. I was so excited and so so ready to welcome this experience into my life. My best friend flew in from New Jersey and two of my girlfriends and I started the trek from Phoenix to Las Vegas. My first time in Las Vegas as well, this truly was a completely new world to me.

As we arrived at the Speedway my eyes were opened to so many aspects of rave and festival culture. This year, I felt like I was in a time capsule. I had changed over the last three years but EDC remained it’s crazy, buzzing, colorful, and energetic self. EDC was  literally exactly how I had left it. As I ran around taking photos and exploring the venue people insisted on giving me kandi, asking me how my experience was going, and connecting with me on social media so they could see what I was capturing.
On the first night of EDC 2015, Kaskade and Oliver Heldens lit up the main stage aka Kinetic Field, with fireworks and pyrotechnics creating a larger than life experience. This stage has recently become the largest in North America, with the trademark Insomniac owl watching over the crowd as if protecting it’s nest. Being at mainstage feels like you are part of something so much bigger, especially once you retreat for the night and later see aerial shots of the crowd from up above.

Later that night, I checked out Carnage’s set at the Circuit Grounds and definitely was not disappointed. The energy fueled by the bass and the willingness of that crowd to get down shamelessly made the set one of my favorites. Lastly, we watched Carl Cox close out the Neon Garden with his legendary style of slowly sucking the crowd into an alternate universe with his magical techno beats.

On the second night, I shamelessly ran to Avicii as soon as I got to the venue. There’s something so amazing about a place where you can indulge in some of the more mainstream artists in today’s music industry and be surrounded by so many other people doing the same. This was so cool for me, as Avicii was the first EDM artist that I introduced me to the scene just a few short years before. Above and Beyond and Pretty Lights were up next, both generating an awesome response from the crowd as always. In retrospect, Pretty Lights was probably my favorite set of the entire weekend. There’s something about his music that stirs up a lot of great memories for me and make me so happy. Excision and Adventure club lit up the Bass Pod stage and I watched the sunrise to the upbeat soundtrack Showtek was slamming down at the mainstage. This had been a really, really awesome night.

​The third night started with indulging in a little Calvin Harris and then continuing on to the Cosmic Meadow stage to see Bassnectar in the throes of his hair whipping glory. Calvin stirred up the feels as always and Bassnectar pretty much shook the entire venue. Markus Schulz, Seven Lions, and Galantis played through the early morning with special guest Dillon Francis closing out the festival. We left EDC happy that we had experienced it and ready to crawl into bed for hours on end. Our feet were tired and we were physically beat, but a sense of accomplishment came over me driving away from EDC. This was undoubtedly an unforgettable weekend that had created some lasting memories.

In a world where festivals are heading into many different matured versions of experiences, it was refreshing to return to EDC. With thousands upon thousands of people attending, I’ve seen post event discussions from people who had both negative and positive experiences. Some people claim that the vibe has been lost and others stay positive and state that it was better than ever before. I think it’s so important that these topics are even being discussed. No experience is perfect and the fact that EDC has caused discourse about how we should be treating each other, and the result of those discussions always being that we should hold each other to the highest level of humanity, is doing far more to change the human race for the better than many other movements today.
I’ve noticed a lot of backlash stating that EDC is a mainstream festival that books mainstream artists. What I think is so cool about the word mainstream is that it simply means that that event or that artist has the power to affect thousands, if not millions of people. So many people have resonated with the lyrics played, with the entire experience of EDC, and with what it means to come together as a festival community. If EDC has the power to affect so many with offerings of intense love, than the fact that it is a “mainstream” thing, is undeniably an asset to our society today. We have a better world in our hands with events like Electric Daisy Carnival taking place.

I saw weddings take place at EDC. I watched a man get down on one knee and propose to his girlfriend. I saw same sex couples and I saw best friends. Anything fueled out of love is possible and accepted at Electric Daisy Carnival. It is a festival that creates amazing memories and infuses every detail of production and entertainment with love, love and more love. Your experience is 100% what you choose to make it at Electric Daisy Carnival. All the pleasure and happiness in the world are always yours for the taking, under the electric sky.

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