Living Life In The Full Spectrum Of You – An Interview With Ryan Farish

*written by Crystal Garcia for Electronica Life
In this day and age of electronic dance music, it’s a rarity to come across an album that takes you on a journey to a place you feel yourself above the clouds floating amidst a magical universe, and you realized that all is exactly as it should be in your world. If it were possible for endorphins and positive vibes to physically be released in music, that is exactly what Spectrum, the newest album from Chart Topping artist Ryan Farish, has the ability to fulfill.

I’m sent new music on a daily basis, and most of the time I admittedly don’t bother listening to every song in it’s entirety. This time it was different, upon hearing the first track of the new album I was absolutely enthralled. The 20 tracks on Spectrum each tug at your heart and soul, stirring up a fury of enlightened feelings and blissful emotions. I recently had a chance to catch up with the musical genius himself to chat about his latest release and the inspiration behind it.

Crystal Your newest artist album set to release June 30th, Spectrum includes 20 tracks. How do you manage to include this many tracks into one album?

RyanAs I got around to track 11, I knew I had a typical album’s worth of music, but I was really enjoying the “place” that the music and the process of this album was taking me. I just didn’t want to leave that “place”, so I kept going. I decided that this album was just going to have to be what the music says it should be. By the time I got to track 20, it all just felt complete.

Crystal How much studio time goes into creating a 20 track album?

RyanTHOUSANDS of hours, really. I never really thought about that, but it would be very interesting if there was a way for me to look back now and actually see exactly how many hours, and how many thousands of edits and takes throughout the whole writing and production process took place. I live and breathe​ music, so I guess an album like this is really more or less a snapshot into the last​ year ​and a half of my life. It’s probably best I don’t keep track of all those edits and hours, because it might feel overwhelming.

Crystal Considering that Spectrum is your 11th album to date, what motivates you to keep striving to make beautiful and melodic music?

Ryan Nothing really motivates me, it’s just who I am. I am an artist and musician first and foremost. To be honest, I can’t imagine NOT making new music and expressing myself through music. Music is life to me, so as long as I’m living, I ​hope ​I’m able to create new music and share it with anyone willing to listen.

Crystal Speaking of music is life, last year you released Decade, a compilation of 176 songs from 2004-2014 and over 9 hours of your original sound. It’s difficult for me to even wrap my head around such an accomplishment. What was the inspiration behind releasing a milestone of your life as an album?

Ryan We put that together with a sense to close a chapter, for myself and for my fans to have an inventory of all the music that had been created. Over the years, long before Decade, we had been occasionally asked if there was ever going to be a release or a way fans could download all my songs in one place, so that they knew they had them all. So at the time of Decade, it just felt right to do this.

Crystal Your music has been labeled as many different genres including chillout, melodic, ambient, progressive and uplifting trance, dream and Ibiza trance, etc. In your own words, how would you describe your signature style?

RyanMusic is art, and art should always be about communicating something, and hopefully something refreshing and new each time. I really don’t like to pigeonhole myself into any specific genre. To me, that would be very limiting. Electronic music though, is the best way that I can be described because one of the most beautiful things about electronic music, is that there is room to explore all the derivatives under that umbrella, and my writing and production process for the most part is primarily electronic music.

Crystal If you had to describe your life in just one of your songs, which one would it be and why?

Ryan“Life ​i​n Stereo”. To me, Life i​n Stereo means going for your dreams, following the voice inside you, and not listening to what other people tell you what you should be, or do, or what you can be, or do with your life. Being YOU… that’s the only “you”, you can be… and when you’re not afraid to be “you”, you’re living your Life in Stereo. The full Spectrum of you.

Crystal Ahhh that’s such a beautiful analogy, I love the way you relate living life to literally living music. Next question..who are your musical inspirations?

Ryan Pat Metheny Group, Bob Marley, Brian Eno, Above & Beyond, Coldplay, ATB, Mozart, U2, pretty much everything I’ve ever heard.

CrystalYes! I feel that if Above & Beyond collaborated with Coldplay, it would sound just like your music 🙂

Crystal What is your fondest memory of performing in front of an audience?

Ryan That would have to be back in 2011. I did a show in my hometown of Norfolk, VA. It was an incredible night. Back then, it wasn’t so easy to book an EDM night at any of the clubs in a small city. To be honest, there were absolutely no true EDM clubs in Norfolk, VA at that time. The clubs there were open format, and really just not about our music, at all. So, thanks to a friend who was a promoter and who also brought my radio show on the air every Saturday night from midnight to 2am, we were able to put together a proper EDM night. We used his rock venue and filled it with Trance!  ​I​t was an incredible night for me, because I believe so much in our music. I was finally able to bring my music, and the music I love so much to the small city I was born in.

Crystal What is your personal opinion on the current state of electronic dance music in America, and how has it changed since you began making music?

Ryan Wow, That is a question. It has grown so big, that I feel like now fans of EDM are ready to dive deeper into the vast, Spectrum of electronic music. It has become very commercialized. I feel like fans of EDM are ready and hungry now to discover more. The explosion of EDM has paved the way for all of the electronic artists, producers, and DJs. Once the hype simmers, those of us who were making electronic music before the bubble, will still be making electronic music… and THAT is when things are going to be the most exciting and expanding for everyone, I believe.

CrystalCan you tell me one thing you’ve never said before in an interview?

Ryan When I’m on my motorcycle, it’s very loud… but it’s funny, how in that loudness, everything becomes quiet. I really dream when I’m on that bike, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

CrystalThat’s awesome. Any upcoming news or projects you would like to share with Electronica Life readers?

Ryan YES! Please check out my new album, Spectrum. I worked really, really hard on it.

Thank you Crystal, and thank you Christian and everyone at Electronica Life for being there and supporting the music over the years, I appreciate it so much!

Tune into Pandora Premieres from June 22nd to 29th as they run a week long full album premier of Spectrum, with the album officially releasing on Tuesday June 30th.

Listen here June 22-29: Pandora Premieres

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