Lightning in a Bottle 2017: Transformation Included… Just Add Water

*Written by Lizzie Rose for Electronica Life

Lightning in a Bottle just wrapped up it’s 2017 experience for festival goers all around the west coast. One of the most famous events and a cornerstone of the American festival culture, LIB always sets the tone for the rest of the summer’s events. A segway between Coachella and Burningman, Lightning in a Bottle always tends to cause an internal change in those who attend. From my personal experiences, LIB has always inspired me to be more confident and humble at the same time. It has elevated my moods and humbled me to the ground more than once.

This year, my favorite joke was that the headliner of LIB was “water”. The number one thing that I heard people talk about was how thankful they were that there was water on the grounds and that they could cool off between sets. Having attended LIB for the last three years, the mood was much happier with the water offsetting sweltering temperatures. Floating down the lake with my friends and the sun on my face felt like bliss. Here’s to hoping that LIB books water as it’s headliner for years to come.

The music at LIB provided something for every listener with heavy hitters Bassnectar, Bonobo, Rufus Du Sol, and Kaytranada. The Woogie bumped all day and night long with legend Richie Hawtin and many other amazing artists. Bass rang through the grounds from the Thunder Stage with Troyboi, Paper Diamond, Perfect Stranger, ad Machinedrum. The music selection was definitely different than any other festival this year.

The fashion of LIB was an expression of the festival itself, with vibrant colors and daring outfit choices. I saw so many different types of beautiful people, from dark gothic style to glitter princesses and everything in between. The overall vibe of the crowds was upbeat and so much fun, a vibe that is unique to LIB as its attendees discover new things about themselves and their surroundings.

When we attend a festival like LIB, we let our energy loose in a container for experimentation. We see things that inspire us, and some that may make us feel uncomfortable. With a drastic change in environment, we lose all of the day to day routine that we have learned to identify with. With a stark contrast to normal life, we learn again who we are and what we stand for. The world needs more experiences like Lightning in a Bottle, especially in times like these. Amongst wars and arguments, we can all agree on one thing… That water was amazing 😉