Lightning In A Bottle 2015 – A Transformational Journey Of The Mind, Body, and Soul

*written by Lizze Rose for Electronica Life
Having begrudgingly returned to the real world after a magical weekend at Lightning in a Bottle, a festival that took place in Bradley, California on May 21-25th, I have realized what a crazy summer and festival season we are entering. As time passes and the weather begins to grow warmer, something awakens within us that is mischievous and adventurous, a desire to play and experience new things and feelings. We start to feel the sun on our skin and our soul sometimes manages to return to a childlike anticipation of summer.

I feel as though festival season awakens a deep desire to feel that innocent, pure happiness and bliss again. It reminds us that there are places we can go where we let down our guards and interact with like-minded others. These festivals allow us to regain the enjoyment of pleasure and fun that we had as children.

​The first night of Lightning in a Bottle began as most festivals begin. We arrived, unpacked our stuff, and turned a small patch of desert into our home for the weekend. Happy to be reunited, my four girlfriends and I set off on a walk to explore the grounds. The first night of a festival often feels similar to getting your sea legs. You walk around and try to get a feel for where all of the stages and art installations are.

In the case of LIB, seeing the grounds in person far surpassed my expectations. After catching Andrelien, we eventually went back to our campsite, making at least three sets of friends as we walked. I snuggled up in our tent excited for what the next few days would bring.

​When morning came, I awoke with that confused feeling you get when you wake up in a strange place. Then the realization set in, I was at Lightning in a Bottle. THE festival I had been looking forward to for months, with so many of my best friends by my side. I knew that this weekend was going to be nothing short of amazing, starting with tonight. We explored further, eventually settling at the Lightning stage to see the always upbeat and talented artist Pumpkin.


Later that evening, Odesza put on an amazing show as expected, setting the mood with thick fog and new releases. Lastly Griz, one of my personal favorite artists took the night to a level of funk that the crowd had been craving. His energy was contagious as he quickly switched back and forth from saxophone to his tables, to interacting with the crowd through the microphone.

I spent most of Saturday wandering around the different facets of the venue, exploring places such as The Meditation Lookout nestled atop of a hill, the range of unique vendors, and eventually got sucked into the Woogie Stage for two hours. If you’ve ever found a song or an album that you played on repeat all day long because it felt so good to listen to, you know what it’s like to spend a few hours at The Woogie. Comfortable and somehow always complete with the best vibes, this stage definitely felt like home base.

Saturday was stacked with impressive artists, starting with artists Lindsay Lowend and G Jones (who was wearing a Nickleback shirt, yes, I caught that) tearing up the Thunder stage. Later in the evening the Lucent Dossier Experience was a thought provoking journey that engaged awe and imagination.

To wrap the night up one of the most anticipated acts blew the crowd away, Flume. His music just makes you feel so good, as though every atom of your body hears the beat and agrees that it’s dope.


​One thing that I’ve realized about festivals is that no matter how much fun you are having, Sunday always finds a way to arrive. Sets by Zion I and SNBRN orchestrated the beautiful sunset as we realized this was the last time we would see LIB during the day. Hermitude and RL Grime closed down the Thunder stage for the night while electronic lullaby Tycho’s sweet sounds trickled over from the Lightning stage.

The last night of LIB was probably my favorite. Somehow nearly every single one of my friends that attended the festival ended up together, something almost unheard of at bigger festivals. We decided to stay up until sunrise and watch it from the top of Meditation Lookout. Passing by a secret Kaminanda set at the Third Eye Pinecones booth, we all marched up the mountain together. Once at the top, the sun lit up the foggy sky. As I fell asleep in my friends lap, I knew this had been one of the best weekends of my life.

​I can honestly state that I have never been in a place where each person  (and I mean absolutely every person I met) was as kind, loving, and helpful as they were at LIB. I felt completely comfortable talking to strangers, because at the end of the day none of us really felt like strangers to each other. LIB created a common vibration, a unified heartbeat.

Workshops throughout the weekend targeted major issues that today’s conscious society is concerned about such as sustainability, human connection, and self-improvement. Yoga workshops ran constantly throughout the day helping people strengthen their bodies throughout the festival conditions. Healing tents offered energy work and other services that rejuvenated and educated festival attendees.


Lightning in a Bottle is so special. It is a fertile place where dreams, connections, and self-realizations have the potential to emerge. It provides an atmosphere conducive to a deeper level of human connection and the freedom to unapologetically radiate your essence. This festival was simultaneously uplifting and humbling.

If you were to ask me what my favorite part of the weekend was, I would see flashes of so many amazing moments. Being in the the crowd during Flume’s set and seeing all of those beautiful faces screaming and smiling, sending their energy towards him moved me immensely. My mind raced in awe of all of these people standing together and creating so much happiness and bouncing their excitement off one another.

​They say all things happen as a result of fear or of love. Many crowds gather together out of fear; wars, protests, chaos, etc. This crowd could not have been a clearer example of one that was united out of love. In our lifetimes and especially recently, with all of the crazy events happening in the world dealing with hate, violence and injustice, a crowd united out of love is the most beautiful and humbling occurrence that I could’ve possibly seen. That sight changed my life. This is how I know Lightning in a Bottle and other transformational festivals are changing the world, because they are rewiring the way that we interact with each other. They are setting an example of how things should always be.

I am still thinking about Lightning in a Bottle almost two weeks later (checkout my full photo album), and I am positive I will still be thinking about it months down the road. My friends and I will still talk about it, draw inspiration from it, and keep our uplifted vibration alive. There’s something really special about a festival that empowers you to return to real life changed, better, and affected. A festival like Lightning in a Bottle that inspires me to bring a sense of belonging and acceptance into my everyday life is a festival that I plan on attending for years to come.

Couldn’t get enough of the Woogie Stage this year? The Do Lab is hosting a new festival Woogie Weekend LIB’s old home Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA from July 17-19th! Imagine a whole festival devoted to that Woogie vibe we couldn’t get enough of!

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