LED & LiveNation Entertainment Presents: I Love This City San Diego 05-27-12 tickets

LED & LiveNation Entertainment Presents: I Love This City San Diego 05-27-12 tickets


Since The Announcement of This new festival Coming to California there was quite a big buzz on Facebook

once “I Love This City” was revealed in the beginning of March. Once their first poster was shown, people

were instantly responding to it quickly then later and it just blew up on Facebook pages, Blogs, & anything

else that was EDM related to it. This New Festival had Huge Headliner names such as Tiesto, Skrillex,

Ducksauce, & Many other EDM acts that just caught people’s eyes and were in a big awe from all responds

this new festival was going to bring. When the first flyer was out the dates were on Memorial Weekend for

San Francisco & San Diego with Two dates a piece, but with all things situated now for both festival dates

the show is set. San Diego has now the Finalized schedule with their roster of artists and it’s a very

promising set. They got artist(s) Skrillex, 12th Planet, A-trak, The Crystal Method, Cookie Monsta,

Dirtyloud, Flinch, & More to play for you on May 27th 2012. Today was the ticket sales & for the starting price

of $25 for a new festival with a line-up like this!, why wouldn’t you go, that’s a killer deal. All this will be

held at the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater where (if you attended) the Identity Festival was held at last year

and the place is Really sweet venue to hold event like these. So if you plan to do something for

Memorial weekend check this out & with the price it’s starting at it is bound to sell out quick.

So do NOT wait to long to see if tickets are still available, they just might be gone the next time

you check. 😉