Laughter Is No Longer The Best Medicine – A Look Into PLUR Therapy & The PLUR Cure

*written by A’Damaged Pro for Electronica Life

We are entering an age of new science and faith in the music. In our relatively progressive society a mother/daughter combo at a festival isn’t really as uncommon as one might think; however, their ultimate purpose is where the mystery lies. This is an inspirational account of the adventure of one such mother/daughter combo at TomorrowWorld. The distinction that sets them apart is that the 63 year old mother of this duo is using EDM as part of her “PLUR Therapy” in her ongoing battle with cancer.

(this picture is from Alix & Terry at 2:35 in the video below)

Given the recent poor publicity that the mainstream media has been giving the EDM community, I have been looking for something that inspires others. I’ve been searching for a beacon of hope, an occurrence, an icon, anything to encourage the positive vibes I believe are the foundation of the EDM scene. I’ve been told that you start the days that will change your life just like any other day. I was perusing my respective newsfeeds the other morning and I came across a photo that made me smile. It was a picture of a mother and daughter enjoying the festivities at TomorrowWorld with a caption explaining that the 63 year old mother was currently fighting cancer and had a hip replacement to boot. The mother was being carried by a gentleman and the daughter was carrying her walker. I knew there was a story here. A few organized searches and I was sending a message to the young lady in the picture explaining how happy I was that they got to share a musical communion together, at TomorrowWorld no less. A few short hours later  I was on the phone with Ms. Alix and her equally enchanting mother, Mrs. Terry. Their collective story about their experience at TomorrowWorld moved me and I felt inclined to share.

A’Damaged Pro: Where are you ladies from? Where do you live presently?

Alix & Terry: Even though my roots trace back to Europe and Israel, I was raised in Sweet Home Alabama. However, we frequently traveled and had a house in Miami. Miami has always been in my heart and I am presently a Miami girl. My mom frequents Phoenix, Arizona because that is where she receives her cancer treatment.

A’Damaged Pro: How long have you been an EDM enthusiast?

Alix & Terry: Throughout my life my parents have exposed and blessed me with traveling opportunities. EDM was always the norm in countries in Europe and Asia, so I would say I have been around EDM my whole life. I embraced the scene at a younger age when I was in South Beach. A man who I look up to as a father, who heads a huge financial firm, took me under his wing (not a sugar daddy) to help groom me as a socialite in South Beach. The EDM was different from Europe but I am a chameleon so I adapt easily to whatever I can smile and dance to.

A’Damaged Pro: What inspired the TomorrowWorld adventure?

Alix & Terry: I have been to many festivals. My mom was what inspired me for TomorrowWorld. My mom has fought stage 3c Cervical-Uterine Cancer and has undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She also has had hip replacement surgery due to the radiation deteriorating her bones. My mom’s first music festival was Woodstock. While she would receive chemo, she would listen to EDM as upbeat positive music. My mom believes that half the battle of cancer is mental and EDM is very uplifting and happy. She wanted to fight and fest. My sister and I both love the PLUR community and we wanted to show our mom that our generation, aside from what Fox news shows, is full of love and hope. She was so excited and kept counting down, day by day, until the festival.

A’Damaged Pro: What was your respective high point of the festival?

Alix & Terry: The respective high point was the love my mom received. People were asking to shake her hand or if they could help. She was asked to have pictures taken with her. The most beautiful moment was when crowds would push. People from all different countries and races joined hands to lock up and push the crowd back if it became too rowdy. Rows of strangers were helping my mother. The production crew of TomorrowWorld, along with security and the crowd, loving and cheering on my mom made her feel like she was alive again. She told me in 3 1/2 years (since her diagnosis) she had never felt more alive or happy.

A’Damaged Pro: How was the experience overall?

Alix & Terry: The experience was a blessing. My mom has hope. She is so angry the press hyper-focuses on the EDM festivals as a drug crowd. Not once did someone curse in front of my mom or say anything disrespectful. The crowd showed her love and put her in the front of the stage. Even when we would go get food, people would insist she cut through to go first. People, if they did run into her, would apologize. It was beautiful. The people made the experience incredible. However, the handicapped and ADA staff were horrible. In addition to not fulfilling our requests and accommodations on-site, they also said negative things about my mother and myself. We felt patronized. My mom had to hear one of them over  the radio say she was faking being sick. I wish that were true. Thursday and Friday she fell five times due to the lack of staff who were paid to help my mom. It was very disorganized and I was crying to mom and apologizing because of the injuries she sustained. The members of the crowd who helped carry her and helped me were wonderful. I took a fall for her and injured myself as well, yet I would never complain. My mom has had so much love pour in I’m overwhelmed. Its humbling for me to know my mom had such an impact on people’s lives. EDM seems to have a stigma ever since articles was released about “Molly.” My mom trumps that times 1000000%. People do not talk about Molly from TomorrowWorld. People are: talking about my mom, sharing her story, and they are praying for her. The experience would not have been possible without the production crew, photographers, security, and the Book of Wisdom. In fact, the Book of Wisdom made my mom’s dreams come true. She felt love and hope and her energy captivated people all over the world. Trust me, my Instagram and Twitter have been blowing up. She is a true PLUR Mama Icon and I am so proud and humbled to call her my mom.

A’Damaged Pro: Any future festivals on the horizon as part of your continued “music treatment?

Alix & Terry: My mom is obsessed with the EDM festival crowd. She is addicted to PLUR and would go to a fest right now if I could get her to one. I want to give her the same experience TomorrowWorld had, but I have not been able to speak with anyone. If I can get the necessary attention to help us then you will see us at all of them. She has come up with the saying “Fests while Fighting: The PLUR Cure,” which is precious!!

We touched on one particular subject, which validated Ms. Alix commanding the bulk of the organized responses, and that was one unfortunate effect of Mama Terry’s chemotherapy, namely “chemo brain.” This particular affliction degrades specific aspects of mental acuity, making it harder for patients to stay focused, but whenever this PLUR Mama spoke about her relationship with EDM her thoughts were lucid and you could almost hear the smile in her voice. She mentioned that the music of some of her notable favorites: Tiesto, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Armin van Buuren, not only helped with “chemo brain” but helped with the loss of sensation she has experienced because of her numerous treatments. These were powerful words and the possibilities of utilizing EDM as a part of an individual’s “musical therapy” resonated. While there may not presently be any conclusive studies that can verify the healing power of EDM, this woman’s story inspires faith in the distinct correlation. Music to unite. Music to heal. Faith in the beat. Faith in your PLUR brethren. We may be divided by logistics and nationalities across the globe but we are capable of sharing something more powerful than ourselves. If you see these two at a festival near you, share a smile and a hug and the music will take care of the rest.

*update – the two are confirmed for EDC Orlando 2013 ;]

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