King King Hollywood Goes InDeep w/ Alana Star, Jamie Schwabl + Bender

*written by Shimmy for Electronica Life

Last Friday night, future house artist and New Jersey native, Bender, headlined InDeep’s inaugural event at the intimate King King Hollywood.

As usual, the atmosphere at the 300 person venue was groovy, sexy, and of course… deep. InDeep chooses to foster more intimate and memorable moments by way of their lofty standards to what constitutes a proper time between the crowd and the DJ.

Recently back from Burning Man, Wülfpack artists Alana Star and Jamie Schwabl started the night with their signature minimalist sounds. The vibe was deep, tech, and sophisticated. All the house heads in the room were properly warmed up for Bender to take over the decks at midnight.

His extended set did not disappoint. As the night progressed he took his fans on a smooth ride filled with flowing rhythmic bass lines and melodies. The dance floor was hot, sweaty, and sexy.

Didn’t get a chance to groove to Bender’s remix of Route 94’s “My Love” in person? Not to worry, InDeep plans to publish the audio/video from the event soon.

Music is the priority at King King Hollywood and InDeep’s connection to the crowd made Friday night a memorable one. What’s up next for InDeep? Look for InDeep to take over NYC in early October.