Jayceeoh Sparks Up 4/20 with Free DL “JIT GOING HAM”

Out Now via Buygore Records

Dance music hypebeast, Jayceeoh, teams up with Buygore Records for his latest single “Jit Goin’ Ham”. Just in time for the holidays, catch this free download for any and all 4/20 festivities.

Jayceeoh was first inspired by “Jit Going Ham: Little Boy Destroying A Dollar Store For No Reason!”, the classic viral video that’s reached almost 1 million views after being posted to World Star Hip Hop.

The recording follows a “jit” (courtesy of Urban Dictionary: Juvenile in training. Any juvenile who doesn’t know how to act right and still needs grown-up training) losing it’s damn mind in a convenience store and destroying everything within it’s short wrath filled reach.

Jayceeoh’s spin on this video pulls audio samples from the man filming / narrating the acts of this child-terror. “Jit Goin’ Ham” hits harder than a rage filled jit’s fists to a box of unsuspecting cereal, emulating the aggressive acts of the child with choppy heavy thumping bass lines. Guaranteed to get jits and proper players going HAM, Jayceeoh brings the noise to a more appropriate setting, the dancefloor.

“Jit Goin’ Ham”